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60's Fashion (part II)

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60's style

In Part II in our 60's fashion series, I had such fun with my Leona goodies and Pink Owl Photography team! If only we could play dress up every day. What I love most about my 60's looks is that if you take away the big hair (well, ok, huge, ginormous hair)  and scarf, this is a look I could wear any day... which is what I love so much about the Leona line - it's reminiscent of 60's, but only if you want it to be. When you put on clothes they become what you want, which is what fun fashion & super style does. I wear it to bring out a side of me that I feel, from girly to sweet, to sassy and sexy: but I daydream about living in the 60's. My friends, Geni, Hadley, Lauren & Amelia brought the vision to life - it takes a village, folks! It was a blast and we hope to bring you lots more fun features like this in the future! (Try to say that 3 times!)

60's style

60's fashion 2 60's style 2

60's clothes

60s fashion

shirt: Leona  (borrowed) | pants: Forever 21 | shoes, bag, scarf, sunglasses: thrifted & borrowed from Hadley | photography: Pink Owl Photography 

Thanks so much to Leona for sharing their clothes with us. We appreciate their generosity, and we'd appreciate it if you, dear reader, would take a minute to click over and check out their collections & be sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest updates!

Do your modern clothes ever inspire you to think out-of-the box and go retro?