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Father's Day Ideas


What inpsires your Father's Day Ideas? For us, it's all about what's been going on my husband's life and what he's "into" and, unfortunately, it's been a rough couple of weeks for my husband. He loves sports, watching, coaching, and playing. Lately, he hadn't had much time to play, but that had all been about to change when he joined a group of guys to play lacrosse weekly and get his weekend warrior on again. But it wasn't meant to be... his first time out on the field and he was on his way to the emergency room.  A few crutch-filled weeks later and life has once again settled into a routine. Albeit a much slower paced one.

father's day cards


So, next weekend, it's time to treat him like a king, even if his throne will be a couch and his court will be on the tv. We will be celebrating him. He deserves it, and not just because he's somewhat puppy-dog pitiful, but because he's truly a fantastic father who loves Chloe and Reis with all his heart. There are some fun Father's Day Ideas on the list and some necessities, because he always asks for things he needs and buys the things he wants. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around!?!fathers day ideas


1. Jack Spade watch $328 - classic and timely. Retro and modern. Just like him.

2. Coach Bag $568 - If you follow us on Instagram, you know he already received this bag as a "get well bag" recently. You might not know that he hasn't put it down yet. Only a slight exaggeration! He appreciates the practicality of the bag - it holds documents and computer by day, and clothes and overnight necessities on weekends.  I appreciate that it's supple leather and adds style. Highly recommended from him to anyone needing a practical and stylish all-around bag.

3. Collar Stays $20 - It's the little things that count. Like collars that don't flap and collars that don't bend. At least that what he says. These collar stays have a little magnet that keep the collar down whether it buttons or not, tie or no tie. And nobody is the wiser. Nifty little invention. And a very happy hubby.

4. Ribbed Tees $18-$29 - he's hot. As in literally too warm. These undershirts (or tees, depending on what color you buy) are like an AC under his corporate suit, and are fantastic under a dress shirt or alone since they are breathable, don't come untucked, and keep their shape in the wash.  Hubbie tested 2 styles and adores them!!

5. Home Depot Gift Card - Shhh, he's not at all handy, but hasn't come to terms with it yet. That's why a gift card to Home Depot is perfect. They'll steer him in the right direction and won't let him leave without giving him specific directions. Love 'ya Home Depot!

6. Knotz Cufflinks $9.50 - We all love colors and he likes being fashionable. With almost every color combo imaginable available, we like picking out these cufflinks and at less than $10 a pop, we have fun! He loves that they are easy to put on too.

And love you honey, Daddy, Dad & Happy Father's Day!