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Chocolate Truffles {they're easy!}


I'm a chocolate-aholic and chocolate truffles satisfy my sweet tooth like no other chocolate dessert is able. In fact, chocolate for me right up there with crusty french bread, shoes, and family (not always in that order). I remember going to camp my very first time to Camp Skyline and finding out that there was a person who didn't like chocolate. I was dumbfounded. How was this possible? I later learned other people didn't like chocolate and the world was forever a mystery to me. What's more amazing is that 2 members of my family would choose vanilla over chocolate. The horror! At least I have one child after my own heart :lol: .... Anyway, Kayla is back again with another extraordinary recipe that she gave me a while ago to publish, but I tucked it away for a day when I was absolutely craving chocolate so badly that all that would subside this absolute hunger would be rich, thick as sin, chocolate truffles. Chocolate lovers know what I mean. All you non-chocolate-aholics are missing out on a bit of heaven. And I envy your restraint....

chocolate truffles

From Kara, our teen chef: I love chocolate, and ubiquitous treats are chocolate truffles: rich, fudgy chocolate encased in even more chocolate. Instead of splurging on a box from an expensive store, try making your own! They are so easy and a bit messy, which is just another way to say that you get to eat more chocolate. You can stick with the basic recipe, or experiment with flavors by using different chocolates, extracts, nuts, or other add-ins. My favorite chocolate truffles include peppermint extract, peanuts, white chocolate, and dried cherries. Almost anything works in the recipe, but I have found that jams and jellies prevent the filling from setting correctly.

Chocolate Truffles, makes approximately 8 truffles, adapted from Alton Brown

5 oz Chocolate, Chopped 1 Cup Chocolate 1.5 T Butter 1/4 Cup Cream 1 T Corn Syrup Add-Ins

Melt the butter and 5oz chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave.

In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the cream and corn syrup until simmering. Pour over the chocolate mixture and let stand for two minutes. Stir to combine, then fold in any add-ins. Chill for an hour or until fudgy.

Scoop the chilled ganache into small balls. Freeze until hard.

Melt the remaining cup of chocolate. Dip the frozen balls into the chocolate, then chill until hard. Share or indulge in your simple homemade chocolate truffles!

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