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Mom & Daughter React #1: Kraft Zesty Guy

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For our first vlog, Mom & Daughter React, we decided to tackle a really tough social issue... well, not really. We're keeping it light for now. We take a look at the one of the Kraft Zesty Guy commercials. If you know who we are talking about, then you know it was, ahem, such hard work; if you don't, then you absolutely need to watch one (or all) of his commercials. Now. Thank us later.

Kraft zesty guy

image via GetMeZesty.com

Here's what we thought when we watched, although after watching it's a bit hard to keep your thoughts from just jumbling up into a mushy mess. *sigh*

What we watched:

What we thought: http://youtu.be/66AsgKOydwQ For more of the Zesty Guy, who has most certainly lost his real name forever, follow him on Twitter (@TheZestyGuy) or send a Zesty Gram to your friends. Oh yeah, he / Kraft went there with his website. You can share them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Let's hope they keep rolling out those commercials. Zesty Guy, we adore you.

zesty guy

PS - Don't forget to read the comments when you watch the videos on YouTube. We laugh at them almost as much as the videos and think they are just as clever and witty as the ad campaign.

PSS - Who's wants the Zesty Guy to go on tour? Chloe and I are both ready to stand in line for photos. Awkward for a mom and daughter, but we are willing to suffer for beauty... his.