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Tie-Dye Shorts

DIYKim & Chloe

Last year tie-dye shorts were popular and we thought they would definitely fizzle out by this summer. But as we all know, tie-dye shorts are back and better than ever. Last year we dip-dyed shorts, bleached shorts, and even tie-dyed our beach sheet (click each for the links). Hmmm, was there anything left?

how to make tie-dye shorts

But of course! We were so inspired by the simplicity of our brightly tie-dyed beach blanket, that we wondered if it could be as simple and quick to tie-dye shorts in vibrant colors. Once we thought about it, we worried about how hard it would be and how it would turn out, but it was beyond simple and turned out awesome!

Following the traditional tie-dye instructions (get the item wet, put on the color, let dry, wash in cold water), the hardest part is waiting for them to dry. The shorts could not be cuter! Our first day wearing them brought an amazing amount of compliments, so be warned: these are not for the shy or timid. You will get noticed. In a good way. And when someone asks where you got your fantastically fab shorts, just smile and say, "I made them."  And get ready to make a pair of tie-dye shorts for all your friends!

how to make tie-dye shorts

Step 1: Gather your supplies: tie-dye kit  + white shorts. We used white denim shorts. If you need to cut a pair of pants into shorts, just follow these instructions on how to make cut-offs.

Step 2: Wet your shorts (following the tie-dye kit's instructions).

Step 3: Apply color, let dry, and wash.

Step 4: Wear and enjoy!

That's all there is to making a pair of fantastic tie-dye shorts. You'll be wearing them within a day, and we'd love to hear how yours turned out!