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Style Inspirations: Old Navy

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Old Navy

Old Navy

Old Navy blue

Old Navy jewelry

shirt: Old Navy (in store only) similar / skirt: J.Crew similar, similar / shoes: Madewell / necklaces: yikes - forgot!

Have you noticed that sometimes a girl or woman walks in a room and everyone just turns and looks at her. It's not always what she's wearing, it's usually how she's wearing it. She just oozes... confidence.

And so it was with a new friend, let's just call her Kendall (since that's her name). She had on this Old Navy shirt with a cute pair of shorts and looked chic in that simple and easy, but stunning I just threw this on way. Yep, it was this exact blue shirt. Well, not this exact one, but you get the idea. And yes, I was at Old Navy the within the week checking out the shirts and seeing what colors they had. Of course, with my blue and white obsession, I chose the navy even though I tried very hard not to copy Kendall exactly. I knew that this Old Navy shirt would go with practically everything in my closet - jeans, skirts, & shorts.

But I started thinking, what made this shirt so special that I had to run out and buy it? And the answer was simple: style. Kendall could throw on practically anything and turn heads, while some people could wear a silk top costing $1,000 and it would look just blah. I'm realizing style is an attitude and being comfortable with who you are, more than a label on what you are wearing. Clothes give me an outer confidence, but I've learned that it's not the price tag, it's how I feel in them. So, I didn't get this top to look like Kendall. I got this Old Navy top because it's totally my style too (blue, simple, classic) but seeing someone look amazing in this top just reinforced what I've been learning about myself: stay true to MY style and be confident in it. Thanks, Kendall!