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13 perfect Graduation Gifts


I came up with my top 13 graduation gifts as I was listening to our graduation playlist and the best graduation songs because it's 2013 and it just seemed like having 13 ideas was the perfect number of choices. Plus, I also had 13 ideas for the perfect graduation gifts, so it just kinda worked out that way!  

graduation gifts

1 - Every grad will need coffee. It's just a fact they'll need to, ahem, study a little harder.

2 - Why would anyone want to look like a freshman on day 1? Give a grad a school tee or sweatshirt over the summer so they look like they've been at school for years.

3. I'm going to give you our favorite photo of all our friends, in this gorgeous frame so we all won't be too far from each other!

4. Who wouldn't love these earrings? And that touch of pink looks adorable with a cap and gown.

5. Classics never go out of style. But this tote expands for a long weekend, at home... or not.

6. A touch of home keeps the new grad from feeling homesick. Pillows are perfect for adding to the decor, keeping comfy, or throwing at annoying roommates.

7. Any cute cup will do, but this Vera Bradley one is extra cute.

8. Sunglasses protect eyes and skin, and from a multitude of sins, like late nights and early mornings.

9. J. Crew. 'nuff said.

10. Who can get enough of monograms? Probably not any grad and Bauble Bar has a whole slew of cute personalization options.

11. No matter what, she'll want to be fresh as a daisy. There are so many amazing perfumes, give her your favorite!

12. Ok, this is my must-have. Clear skin is a must. Clean skin is a must. Clarisonic is the ultimate. If she doesn't have one, she'll adore you if you buy her this. Trust me.

13. It looks like just a case, but it charges too. There are plenty of other cases you can customize on Cafe Press!

But wait, I have one more!! If your grad hasn't taken photos yet, then definitely treat her to some photos by a professional. I had a blast posing with PinkOwl Photography the other day. Being captured by a professional photographer is a gift not only a graduate will treasure, but is a present she can, in turn, share with everyone else creating memories for all :)

Congrats to all the seniors who are graduating! Wishing you all the success you dream....

xo ~chloe