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Inspired by Home Depot


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot, but all opinions are my own.

As you know, Chloe and I've been working with The Home Depot to build our Flower Tower, which was a blast! Spring has finally sprung, and it was the perfect time to join the Garden Club, because following their Instagram and Pinterest has led to such a burst in creativity. We've solved gardening problems and had fun gardening & crafting!

One problem that had been vexing me (yes, "vexing"!) for years, was these planters (pictured below) on my front porch. I adore them. But it wasn't mutual. In planters, I follow the rule of gardening to thrill, fill, and spill. But all I could do with these planters was simply fill, which meant that the plants were barely visible above the planter, or if they were taller, they never had enough "oomph." They were simply blah year after year.

I'm so excited about having a Flower Tower in these planters. Vertical gardening is the perfect solution to add soil to a planter that doesn't have much space, but needs added interest and visual height. Just a few rows of galvanized wire shaped to fit the window type planter, potting soil, landscape fabric and plants are all I need to have these planters make a colorful statement!

 home depot flower tower

Plus, I will have some needed screening from the street since we live in an urban area. You can barely see the galvanized wire in the picture below, which is wonderful since I've procrastinated due to the April rain and won't start on this project until this weekend.

home depot

Another idea I was inspired by was the pots I fell in love with at The Home Depot. I've painted plenty of pots in my day, but lately I'm completely obsessed with Washi Tape and wanted a project that the kids and I could do in a jiffy. Simply buy clay pots at Home Depot and either paint them with acrylic paint in your choice of color, or leave them au naturel, and apply Washi Tape in any pattern you desire.

home depot

Since we wanted pots in our kitchen, we selected herbs for our Washi Tape pots. Some Home Depot locations have organic herbs that I would pinch off and use for cooking! You could also start your own herbs using seeds from Home Depot and the seed starting instructions from the Home Depot Garden Club - it's super simple.  Some of my favorite ways to use herbs and edible flowers, besides in everyday cooking are:

  • as a sprig in gift wrapping (especially lavender),
  • tucked in with a napkin and napkin ring at the dinner table,
  • in sachets,
  • in water or tea (flowers are especially cute frozen in ice cubes), or
  • sprinkled on salads!

The list is endless.

But back to Washi Tape... here's what the kids and I had fun making. And it only took a few minutes, just wrap washi tape around the top edge. Or cut pieces and apply to the top edge, then plant, place in a sunny location, and enjoy!

home depot pots

home depot

washi tape pot

Whatever project you decide to do, have fun while you #digin! Take a look at our other posts for more gardening tips:

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And please let me know about your gardening projects! I’d love to hear about them! XO ~Kim


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.