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Top knots have not only been around the past few seasons, but they've also been around for decades. In fact, your grandmother most likely rocked a top knot once in her lifetime - scary to imagine, but true. One of my favorite ways to spice up my outfits lately has been with a cute hairstyle, especially top knots. Even though it’s supposed to be messy, it does add instant chic factor. “Chic messy" bun is probably my most adored beauty oxymoron. Not only is a messy top knot a perfect little accessory, but it’s also a fabulous way to hide a bad hair day, or a dirty hair day. So lately, when I'm in a rush, but still want to look like I've put in a little effort, I've been taking the high road... the high top knot road!

What's your gotta get out the door + add some style staple?

xo ~chloe