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DIY Boot Trees

DIYKim & Chloe

These DIY boot trees are simple, fast and colorful. Plus, necessary if you have tall boots. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I'd been looking for boots forever! I finally found the perfect pair and enjoy the ease of knowing what to wear with practically every outfit. It's amazing how a simple pair of tall leather boots can dress up a pair of jeans and make you stand a bit taller. They were worth the wait. But the one thing I had forgotten about boots was that once they are out of the box... they flop. They don't stand up straight and they just made my newly organized closet look downright sloppy and floppy.

I knew I needed boot trees, but I also didn't want to invest any more money in my perfect boots (I have to be the only person who did not buy my post Christmas boots on sale). So, a fast, easy and cheap DIY was needed. And our easy-to-make boot trees definitely fulfill all 3 requirements. Customize yours with any colors and send us a photo!

boot trees

Step 1: Gather your supplies

boot trees

Step 2: Knot toe of sock, and insert a few handfuls of beans.

Step 3: Place empty water bottle in sock with top of bottle at the foot of the sock.

Step 4: Tie ribbon at top.

handmade boot tree

Step 5: Insert in boot.

DIY boot trees

boot trees

Enjoy your custom color boot trees.