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Happy New Year!


Reflecting on 2012 during winter break, we are amazed at how far we have come with our little blog and the hundreds of thousands of you who have joined us the past year to view over 1 million pages! We are SO grateful for your support - seriously, XOXO to each and every one of you! As we continue to enjoy our vacation, we thought we'd share with you some ideas of fun things to do over break. Also, feel free to follow our travels on Instagram (@popcosmo) or Twitter until we see you in 2013 with some great new ideas and a brand new web design late in January! 

happy new year 2013

1. Tame those locks by making a glam or prep or boho DIY Headbands - in under 10 minutes & no sewing required

2. Put all those shopping bags to good use by upcycling the handle! Make a super-simple J.Crew Bracelet from rope shopping bag handles

3. Get lost in another world and read The Selection by Kiera Cass 

4. Brush up on your photography skills with tips from a pro teen photographer and rock your Instagram or Facebook

5. Go thrifting and learn how to make jean shorts

6. We have bunches of other ideas waiting for you here, enjoy! 

Happy Happy… and we'd love you to share your resolutions below with us :)

~Kim, Chloe and the entire popcosmo family