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We are thankful...


We are thankful for friends, family, and you, our readers. But we don't tell each other often enough, even though we think it. Why is that? There's a street artist, literally - she draws on the street, in town who every once in a while chalks words of inspiration on a popular running route in my favorite park. I look forward to her (I'm assuming it's a her because of her handwriting) chalk designs more than she'll ever know! They make me smile and keep me going on the days when I'm not so inspired to keep running up that really long, hard hill. I've always wondered why she does it: does she run, did someone pass along words of inspiration to her, does she think about the joy it brings to others? Or does she just do it simply because it makes her feel good. I'd like to find her one day and ask her....

kind words

In the meantime, I'm going to start my own "uprising of guerilla goodness" with Boom Boom! Cards. They are simple reminders of ways to make the world a better place and things to do to show people I'm thankful. They look like a pack of playing cards and you pick a card, such as "Stop a rumor" and do it. Then you give it to someone else (anonymously or in person) and they can also do it and the pass it along. You start your own goodness revolution. What's truly cool is that you can register the Boom Boom! Card and see where's it been and where it goes as it gets passed from you to your friend to their friend and on and on. Other cards I like are "for one day, do not call anyone a name, even it it's your friend and you are 'just joking'"; "Smile at and acknowledge someone who might feel as if they are ignored"; "Ask someone who is alone at lunch or break to join you."  All simple, all kind. I'm thankful I can make a difference to someone.


Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you are having a wonderful time with your family and friends!