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Holiday Gifts for Teens {Fashion & Fun}

holiday gift guide

We've got a whole list of holiday gifts for teens just for you! If you don't have your list complete or your Pinterest page full of ideas, we are here to help (just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Check out our teen beauty list for even more suggestions! For the Casually Chic Chick:

holiday gifts for teens

Sneaker Boat Shoes, Blu Kicks, $58

I'm a fan of boat shoes and flip-flops, anything that screams beach. But I like to change things up a bit from time to time and try new styles to satisfy the beach-bum inside of me! So when I saw the new line called Blu Kicks, I knew these were the newest boat shoes I had to try, especially since they had this super-cute blue and white striped pair. Just ask my mom, any time we walk in a store, I'm immediately drawn to ANYthing that has blue and white stripes, so I tried, obvi, the blue and white striped shoe. They arrived in the cutest box.

blu kicks shoes

Any shoe that promotes playing hookie has my interest! They are cute, but they've gotta make it through the day. So, I slipped them on... "aah, oooh." Off to a good start.  I walked in them, I wore them all day, and I love them. Seriously. They are adorable and comfortable.

Mom likes them because they can go in puddles, or in the ocean, and even in the washer (they have little drain holes built right in them). She also likes the colorful fish on the sole and the net to store them in, plus the fact that Blu Kicks give $1 for every pair sold to a charity protecting the ocean. I also think she likes MY shoes. Back off, Mom.

For the Ski Bunny:

teen holiday gifts

Winter Ski Gloves, On Tip, $29.50

I think I've mentioned to you that I'm going skiing for the holidays, so I'm super-excited to try out these On Tip Gloves. These are the very first gloves I've seen that are big and warm but you can text in, most big bulky gloves made doing so impossible. Not anymore, these are amazing! I took one look at them, and immediately thought that there was no way this was going to work. I was sort of disappointed that I'd have to test them and not be able to use them, but was pleasantly surprised when I put them through some rigorous game and texting tests and every time I thought they would falter, they'd shame me (or make me proud, actually) and pass with flying colors. I'm not sure of the actual technology, although admittedly a geek, it is beyond me. What I can tell you is that there is a small protruding square on the tip of the thumb and pointer finger of both the left and right hands (so it works for both lefties and righties) that you use to swipe. When you need to text or use your phone, you use the square, which is positioned perfectly, to operate your phone. Ta-da! No more fumbling, no more freezing hands, no more peeling back mittens to gloves. My hands will be warm, my friends and family will be in touch, and I will be happy, thanks to OnTip!

Mom loves them because the gloves have a double wrist guard, meaning snow has no possible way of getting in my gloves. She also loves that they are made of Thermolite to keep me warm and lined in fleece so they are soft.

For the Workout Gal:

teen gift guide

Stripey Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Top, Oiselle, $44

Wow, there aren’t many things that make me want to go out for a jog when it’s cold outside. Give me a warm day… and I’m ready, but cold, and I’d rather work out inside, or get dressed to work out and procrastinate... until its too late. But this top is so soft, and warm, and... well, just so awesomely scrumptious, that I want to put it on and have an excuse to wear it. So run I will. Even in the cold. It’s obvious that a LOT of thought went into this shirt. The scoop neck doesn’t ride up and choke me when I run. The length is lower hip, so no belly is exposed, even if I want to take it up a notch and sprint. And the keyhole thumbs mean my hands stay warm without gloves. And these were not afterthoughts – they are long enough that there is no tugging on the sleeves. And did I mention it was soft and stylish and the fit was flattering. I think I did, but it beared mentioning again. Really. Even though this IS a workout shirt, it's cute enough to wear even when I don't.


 For the Artiste:

teen gift guide

Candy Cane Necklace, Tiny Hands Jewelry, $23

Tiny Hands Jewelry has combined two of my favorite things and made it work: food and jewelry. How? Mei (pronounced "May") creates scented polymer jewelry! Yep, and we were curious to try it. When our adorable package arrived, it was so cute we didn't even want to open it and spoil the surprise, but we'd been dying to see and smell our jewelry (gosh, does that sound odd to anyone else)? So we opened and smelled our candy cane and it smelled...  exactly like a candy cane! Exactly! How does Tiny Hands Jewelry do it? We don't know, but this tiny little candy cane packs a powerful punch of the holidays and we will be wearing it from Thanksgiving - cuz we have serious restraint - all the way through New Years Day, and maybe a little after. And we just might be buying a chocolate sprinkle donut, because who doesn't love walking in Krispy Kreme! And I love that this candy cane necklace makes me think of my favorite holiday movie, "Elf" and the 4 main food groups!

Mom loves it because I'm not making a sticky mess everywhere, and it's so darned cute! What's not to love?!

For Techies:

holiday gifts for teens

Vivitar Digital Video Camera, B&HPhotoVideo.com, $149.99

This amazing little camera fits in the palm of my hand, but, like my little brother, it packs a powerful bunch of energy in its size. The Vivitar XVN-1 blew my mind... and it looks so cool while I'm filming that people were asking me about it and couldn't believe that something so small was actually a movie camera with so many features.  And those features rock: you can change the color of what you are filming, such as shooting normally, in black and white, or in sepia tone! Also, the camera has a time lapse feature. Plus it shoots full HD video and still images. And I can record directly onto a memory card, so there's plenty of room for fun times recording my friends, or when my mom makes me record a lacrosse game of my energy-filled little brother. I can zoom in and get him when he's bored, or concentrating, or making faces at me, but I can also back out and capture the whole team. I can play it back to make sure I haven't missed anything, or we can watch it as a family on our TV with the wires that are included. The touchscreen is just so cool and I love how this tiny camera fits in my hand and it's size makes it so convenient. This camera is perfect for techie friends since it's so easy to use, but it's also fabulous for non-techies since it's easy to use.

For a sweet friend:

holiday gifts for teens

Artisan Marshmallows, 240Sweet, $6.25 and up

Talk about excited... we adore unusual gifts that are a treat, and we love marshmallows - so discovering 240Sweet was a win! Marshmallows from 240Sweet are a gift that will put a smile on anyone's face because there is definitely a flavor for everyone! We were amazed at all the creative flavors that they produce, and were just as surprised at how yummy a bacon flavored marshmallow treat can taste! Do you have a friend or family member who already has everything... and you never know what to get them? Creatively flavored marshmallows are the solution... and they come in a puffy, tasty treat that you couldn't even begin to imagine. 240 Sweet creates artisan marshmallows which means that your marshmallows are the puffiest, sweetest, freshest tasting marshmallows before any of the amazing natural add-ins are mixed in. And the flavors aren't pretend flavors, but amazing natural ones: like S'more with a Very Vanilla Bean puff topped with candy bar and graham cracker or State Fair Elephant Ear with a cinnamon marshmallow coated with their signature cinnamon sugar combination. The list goes on and on and on (Nutella or Root Beer, anyone?)

Mom likes them (actually loved them and ate quite a few) because they are made with local, all-natural and organic ingredients without preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colors or artificial flavors. They even make their own vanilla extract. Trust us, this means you'll taste the difference.


For the Athlete:

holiday gifts for teens

Collapsible Water Bottle, Vapur, $13.99

I'll be visiting friends and flying and driving a lot over Winter Break. I say this because (1) I'm excited and (2) I'm traveling. I love to travel, but there are parts of it I hate. I'm the kind of person that always carries a water bottle because I'm always thirsty, so it's a problem when you already have books, purse, laptop, etc. and are dragging everything through the airport. And it's also a hassle when you  will be on the slopes all day and are an expert  beginner skier like me and have to drink to avoid headaches, but definitely don't want to be a dork and carry a water bottle... especially when it's empty. I've already got enough to worry about, like getting down the hill in one piece.

teen gifts for holidays

Vapur Element water bottles call themselves the "anti-bottle" and that's exactly what they are. When you buy them they are like a flat piece of plastic (but, no worries, they are not plastic and are BPA free) with a cool lid on top. You fill it up with 34 oz. of liquid, by just removing the top and screwing it back on, and it turns into something that resembles a bottle. After you finish your water -- and this is the best part -- you can roll it up and use the attached clip to store it in a pocket. It's also easy to open with gloves on, and easy to close. So, I'll hang it off my coat while it has water since the bottle is so lightweight, and then roll it up and store my Vapur bottle in my pocket when empty. Water problems solved, headaches will stay away, I can carry it in the airport, car and on the slopes, and I won't look like a dork. Now if I can only make sure I get down the hill... alive.

Mom loves it because it goes in the dishwasher, it's BPA free, and the design is cool so I carry it and drink water anywhere! It's also easy to store when it's not being used.

For your Coffee Buddy:

teen gifts for holidays

Coffee Sleeve, Joe Jacket, $6.99

I love my (almost) daily latté. It's a treat I buy for myself, or beg my mom to buy me to get me through the winter because everyone deserves a treat, right? And I always think of the line from "Kicking and Screaming" when Will Ferrell picks up the coffee and yells "Oooh, that was hot" and the barista says, "you should've waited for the jacket."  He said he got too eager to wait and now we are too! Joe Jackets has adorable jackets to help cut down on waste, and to turn any cup into a fashion accessory. But what I love most about them is that my cup will not be mistaken for anyone else's at the table. They also fit just about any cup and don't slip like most paper sleeves (which, in my humble opinion) are pretty useless, except for making me seem more clumsy than usual, which is pretty hard to do! I think these would be great for a group of friends so everyone has their own design.
Mom loves these because she says they would be great teacher gifts... especially with a gift card to a coffee shop.
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teen gifts

Sleeptee, slippers and polka dot PJs, Target, $17,99; $12.99, $24.99

teen holiday gifts

 Say Yes Ta Da Studs, Kate Spade, $48.00

teen gift guide

Café au Lait Top (with gold collar tips!), Sugarlips, $29

teen gifts

Faux Leopard Fur Coat, Nordstrom Topshop, $150

teen gifts

Heart Sweater, Asos by Wildfox, ?215 


teen gifts

Microdot Cardigan + Jean Shirt + Jeans, Madewell, prices vary

Teen gifts

Cole Haan Boots, Nordstrom, $163.98

gift guide for teens

Printed Corduroy Skinny, Free People, $78

teen gifts

Vans SK8-Hi Platform, Zappos, $75 

gift guide for teens

A day with no homework hanging out with friend, priceless (photo via Blu Kicks)