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Fall Fashion Wishlist

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Fall wishlist
What are we wishing for this fall? We've got our fall fashion wishlist and we it's full of cozy classics and few trendy accessories! We'd love to hear what's on your wishlist this fall!
fall haul wishlist
  • Burgundy Pants -- Burgundy, or oxblood, is THE color for the fall. Pants are a great choice in the color, but you can find just about any item in oxblood... from nail polish to gloves to coats!
  • Quilted Vest -- Vests are definitely making a come back. Adding a pop of color with your vest, is sure to get you major trend points! Also, vests are an essential layering pieces, so be sure to get your hands on one this season.
  • Flannel -- Obviously flannel is always in style this time of year, but every year they seem to get softer and softer.
  • Statement Necklace -- Statement necklaces are all the rage right now, just as they have been. There are so many out there that are affordable and cute, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Fun Socks -- As crazy as it might sound, socks are also a great layering piece. If you have a fun pair, that matches your outfit, sticking out from your boots it looks beyond cute. And if they don't match, it's your secret when they are hidden beneath your boots!
  • Sequin Skirt -- Sequins are a huge trend for fall this season, and they even look great when paired with a chunky sweater. You can dress this skirt up and down, making it a definite must have in just about any color.
  • Infinity scarf -- Scarves are another great layering piece, and they are essential to keeping you warm. Find one that matches your wardrobe and is warm.
  • Pearls -- Need I say more? They go with everything, and can be found for great prices at some department stores, or just borrow from your Mom.
  • Riding boots -- Boots go with everything in the fall time, and if you buy the right pair, and take care of them, they can last you a lifetime.
  • Color-Block Envelope Bag -- Color Blocked clutches are a great accessory to have, especially when you’re wearing a boring outfit with monochromatic colors.
  • Nail polish with a gold tint -- Nail polishes with gold undertones are great for the fall time. They remind me of the leaves and gold matches pretty much everything you have in your closet.