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Hunter Boots: monogrammed!

Hunter Boots

If you have a Pinterest or Tumblr  or Instagram account, or are into the preppy look, you know that monograms are the latest rage. Everyone and their mother has been monogramming literally everything that they can get their hands on. I am all for this trend and am guilty of monogramming just about everything, but I also like to be original. So as I was glancing around my room for something else to monogram, I laid eyes on my Hunter Boots. I had seen a company that monogrammed Hunter Boots, but it was pricey, so I hadn't really considered it. But since (as you can see on all my social media accounts) I'd been applying monogram decals to everything from from my Kindle case to my iPhone home button to ... well, anything that doesn't walk, I though “why not” DIY? I discovered the very friendly Etsy shop Decal Innovations and saw that they made Hunter boot monogram decals that were perfect. I was searching for a decal that would: (1) adhere to rubber, (2) stay ahered to the boot outdoors, and (3) be waterproof. So far, these vinyl decals have been fantastic!  I haven't worn them in the rain, but they look as good a few weeks later as they did on day one! Plus, I love that I could not only choose my font, but I could also choose the size and color. And they only cost $7.50! I applied a 3-inch monogram decal to the outside sides of my boots and I think they turned out to be so adorable that I'm now wishing for a very rainy and snowy fall and winter!

Take a look at how I applied the decals on my Hunter Boots - it took only 5 minutes from start to finish for both boots!

Hunter Boots monogram

1. Gather your boots, the decal, and a credit or gift card. 2. Use the credit card to press firmly over the decal BEFORE peeling anything. 3. Slowly peel the paper backing off the decal, making sure the decal sticks to the transfer paper. 4. Place your decal over your surface and then apply. 5. Press the credit card over the transfer paper making sure the entire decals sticks to the surface. 6. Slowly peel off transfer paper and then smooth any air bubbles. Enjoy your monogrammed boots!

Decal Innovations also has cute iPhone charger wraps ($4) and home buttons ($5)! And if you enter the code: POPCOSMO at Decal Innovations, they will give you free shipping!  Cute, inexpensive, durable and free shipping! Monogrammed Hunter boot perfection.

monogram hunter boots