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How to do a Waterfall Braid

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waterfall braid

Waterfall braids are so cute and my hair is finally, FINALLY, long enough to try a braided hairstyle. So, Erin came over and we gave it a whirl! It took all of, oh, about 3-1/2 minutes and looked amazing. Definitely a look I'll be wearing again soon. I haven't learned how to french braid, or 5-strand braid, but my mom is pretty good at it, so she's going to practice so I can wear my waterfall braid without having to call on friends to rescue me from my ever-present ponytail! I think this might actually look pretty cool if I leave my hair curly *gasp* since the texture would look nice. Definitely worth a try and would give my hair a break from the flat-iron, and me a break from having to do anything at all to my hair. "Hey, Mom!" will be the extent of all I have to do... I think I'm liking this style more and more! how to waterfall braid


Begin a typical french braid with 3 strands of hair. Do 1 or 2 regular french braids to start. To start the waterfall braid, drop the bottom braid and get another piece from the bottom to replace it. Every 2 times you braid, drop the bottom braid and replace it with a new bottom strand you include and braid with it as you typically would in a french braid. Finish with a  regular braid secured by small rubber band at the end. That's it. It just takes a few times of practicing to get the hang of it! 


*You can do the braid straight across the back or at an angle, or do it from both sides leading into a messy bun for a super-cute look. *To make it an angle, just make sure the piece you pull in at the top is longer than the piece you used in the braid before. *To do this on yourself: it's no different than doing a french braid on yourself, so don't be afraid to give it a try. The only difference is you drop the entire bottom braid and pick up a whole new piece. Practice makes perfect, it's a new skill... you'll get it!