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3 Surprising School Spirit Ideas

school spirit

Fall is time for Homecoming, football games and school spirit! We've got 3 cute ideas for showing your pride for your school. There's an option for beauty divas, fashionistas, and DIY divas! 1. Spirit Hands

homecoming makeup

There are a gazillion nail ideas (show your jazz spirit hands!) but we were interested in one thing and one thing only: cool nail ideas in school colors. Our five faves made it in the final picture (and we tried tons!) From left to right, we have the multi-stripe, the union jack, chevron, double french, and glitter ombre (hard to see on the thumb). We used our striping tips to make perfectly straight manicure lines in a snap. The chevron was a stencil and was also very simple. Although the lighting on the double french isn't great, the tape and polish match perfectly and look amazing together and very clean. Whatever your school colors, each of these ideas is a simple way to show school spirit all week, and we'd suggest picking one main idea and repeating on all fingers, or add a glittery accent nail on your ring finger. Go Team!

2. DIY School Spirit Shirt

This is another very easy idea that you can customize with your school colors. Since we were going with a blue and white theme, we used a blue and white ribbon.

DIY tee shirt

1. gather supplies: liquid stitch glue, ribbon, pocket tee 2.  cut ribbon to line up with pocket 3. place glue on ribbon 4. apply ribbon to tee and let dry

Alternatively, you can use a large piece of fabric to cover the entire pocket area. Since we already had a "school" tee, we went ahead and chose a fun fabric! Any fabric you like is fine, but all-over patterns (swirls, Lilly-esque patterns, etc) that are not linear (stripes and ginghams) are much more forgiving!  They won't show as mistakes.

DIY tshirt

1. gather supplies: liquid stitch glue, fray stop, fabric, pocket tee 2.  cut fabric to line up with pocket with a 1/2" excess around the edge; place glue at seam and fold over 3. place glue around the entire pocket and fold over the edge so that the fabric is the same size as the pocket 4. place glue on the t-shirt around the edge 5. let dry 6. enjoy!

You can always stencil your school logo on top of the fabric for an added touch, or an a border in a contrasting color. There are plenty of ideas to keep building on the school spirit theme! Let us know your favorite ideas for school spirit!

3. School Pride Accessories

school spirit

Sure, you can buy tees from your school store, but did you know you could go online and buy tons of different items for school spirit, in your school colors, all from one site? You can buy laptop and cellphone skins, wall decals, even coats for Fido. If you are looking for something a little out-of-the ordinary and want a lot of choices, then you need to check out Prep Sportswear. What's so cool about this company is that you can customize your selection with your year or sport. Awesome! Our favorite shirt for fall homecoming is the Dream T-shirt because it's dreamily soft and has a superb fit! But how about these laptops skins (Go Syosset Braves!)... they rock! Just enter your school, then click the item you want!