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the lilly locker look

DIYKim & Chloe
the thing i have the hardest time with at school is keeping my locker neat. i am a really unorganized and sloppy person, and i just can't fix it! every year my friends have an intervention, because it gets to the point where i can't close my locker and i end up being late to class. i've also hit numerous people on the head with my books, because they fell out of my locker when i opened it.
 it's a problem, but it's not a problem i'm really willing to fix and there are no "unorganized anonymous" groups where i live. 
its kind of fun having a messy locker though, because at the end of the year i rediscover lost things. last school year i found a pair of socks and a cute j.crew sweater (that's just in the fashion category)! 
just because i'm a messy person, doesn't mean i don't love my locker to look cute! the easiest part for me to keep looking cute and neat(ish) is the inside of the door! because i'm a lilly lover, i decided to make these ADORABLE little flag type things to hang at the top of the door. i also went on tumblr and found a few cute quotes a pictures. and lastly i went on Facebook and picked out my favorite pictures to put inside! 
so here's a little tutorial on how to make the flags! i think that a larger size of these would look absolutely adorable on a wall in your room, or if you're going into college then these are a great way to cover your ugly dorm room walls! 

top left -- gather your supplies! you'll need cute paper (i printed 4x6 lilly prints and cute them, but change the size depending on what you're making it for)
top right -- punch two holes on the left corner and two holes on the right corner
bottom left-- punch all your triangles!
bottom right-- measure the lanyard (note, i think ribbon looks cuter, but i didn't have any to match)
p.s. ignore the nail polish, i know its atrocious 
top -- weave the lanyard through all the holes!
bottom -- knot of the ends
honestly, this is one of the easiest crafts i have ever made, and it's so cheap yet so so so cute! 
finished look if you do two rows

finished look with one row
obviously i didn't put this in a real locker, because i don't have keys to the school. you would probably need to use five triangles across for a real locker though, so plan ahead! 
do you decorate your locker?
thanks for reading!