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Smoking slippers v. ballet flats: A flats face-off

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Flats are the ultimate go-to fall trend but finding the perfect flat can be just as hard as finding a good heel. Comfort counts!  Just because they aren't sky high, doesn't always mean they are made for all day at school, or all day running around town or shopping, but two styles are: smoking slippers and ballet flats. We love the trend of smoking slippers and they have gone from spring blah to fall AHHH!! The glitzier the better for fall, they will definitely add some bling to your fall wardrobe. Smoking flats are an updated version of a loafer, a little lighter, a little more feminine, and can be a lot more comfortable. You can find them in solids, prints and embellished, but we are showing you our 3 fave blinged-out styles from Steve Madden, available everywhere.  

smoking slipper

Steve Madden, Melter Studded Slipper, $139.99

smoking slipper 2012

Steve Madden, Eltonn Loafer, $29.99

smoking slipper

Steve Madden, Concord Smoking Slippers, $99.99

Rest assured, our trusty ballet flats aren't going anywhere this fall because they are just so comfortable, and they keep getting even more plush slipper-like. The latest versions offer something else we love: portability. Just fold them in half, stick them in their included bag. Perfect for a night out with killer heels, or a rainy night and you don't want to ruin your new shoes. Pack a pair of foldable shoes in your bag for later! ? We wear our Yosi Samra flats ALL the time. We love ballet flats, but found even the ones that were supposed to be comfortable gave us blisters on our toes and heels. Yosi Samra never, ever, ever do! Thanks to the unique band running around the top of the shoe which prevents it from digging in yet allows it to firmly grip the foot, we can wear this shoe all day and night. We thought we needed a shoe with a lot of support, but these are the only ballet flats that proved us wrong. Can you tell we are huge fans? And although we are not celebs, plenty of them are too!

ballet flats


ballet flats

Yosi Samra Colorblock, $70; Patent, $66