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Cool headphones: friendship bracelets headphones!

DIYKim & Chloe

Cool headphones are a necessity, and plain white boring ones simply won't do! We doubt we are the only ones confusing our headphones with someone else's or leaving them at a friend's house. Without writing our name on them, how can we tell which white pair of headphones are ours? We need one-of-a-kind, cool headphones that fit our own style... now! Since we are still smitten with the stacked bracelet trend and we find ourselves making bracelets that we learned how to do at camp a few years back, we decided that if we mix our love of making bracelets and our boring headphone issue together, we could solve the issue and create cool headphones! Just take your favorite friendship bracelet style and start weaving it around the cord. Nobody will have the same colors or style and your customized cool headphones will stay yours, no matter where you leave them!

cool headphones

We also decided our more colorful earphones needed a funkier adapter. Just take your plug and adapter and paint them with your favorite nail polish to match your headphones. Be careful to avoid any electronic parts by just painting the plastic sides, away from any parts that actually plug in. We used a base coat and then topped it with a glitter coat. Voilà, your little brother won't be borrowing your earphones and plugs anymore!

cool headphones

In case you aren't familiar with making the type of friendship bracelet we made, here is the best video we found to show you all the steps in making the individual bracelet without the headphones. When you make the bracelet with the headphones, you do the exact same thing as making a bracelet, just do it around the wire! There are also plenty of books showing you instructions for a multitude of friendship bracelet styles, and so many YouTube videos for different styles of friendship bracelets. Have fun finding the perfect style, and colors, for you.

Stay colorful and cool... and enjoy your new adapter and cool headphones!