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The first of our "cool blog" feature: Glam & Graffiti! When we checked out Glam & Graffiti, we thought to ourselves "cool blog" and thus, a new feature was born. Being so original, we decided to call it the "cool blog" feature because, well, that's what it is! Glam & Graffiti is one cool blog... we love Stephanie's sense of fashion, beauty and fun! Glam & Graffiti is is all that, and very sophisticated at the same time. We love peeking into the Glam & Graffiti world, seeing what she's wearing, where she's working, and definitely where she is shopping! Her style is enviable! So we asked her to tell us a bit more about herself, a sort-of cool blog introduction. Sit back and enjoy, and relish in her "cool blog": Glam & Graffiti! Give her a big popcosmo XOXO! Why did you start blogging? The conditions were perfect. I was amidst a lovely vacation in Nantucket and for the first time, I didn’t have anything on my to-do list. So of course, naturally, it served as the perfect time to launch a new project! Mixing my love of writing and reporting, inspiration from the strong style of the islanders, and an eye for style, I launched Glam and Graffiti in August 2011.

glam & graffiti

Why blog? The mission of Glam and Graffiti is to energize your style, mind, and body. Through how-to’s, behind-the-scene interviews, and trend set designs, GG provides a daily magazine-like editorial whether you are a well-traveled, fashion trail-blazer or in dire need of a few sartorial tips.

Favorite Designers? · Nicole Miller for her sexy, yet always classy design for women at every age. (I had the privilege to intern at Nicole Miller Philadelphia…but, I promise that it didn’t bias my opinion!) · Burberry – I have a tendency to wear monochromatic colors and Burberry, without a doubt, has the most consistently, classic brand that somehow always remains new and innovative. · Chanel and Elie Tahari

Glam and Graffiti on the Move: About a month to its first anniversary, I couldn’t be more excited for Glam and Graffiti’s future. Many times, I have found that sometimes a new idea or a business venture can fail not because of your lack of passion, but due to the ability of the project to fit into your life at that time. GG serves as the perfect outlet for my entrepreneurial drive and devotion to empowering women to be their best self in mind, body, and style. Note: Recently named as one of Pittsburgh’s Top Style Bloggers in Pittsburgh by Maniac Magazine.

glam & graffiti blog

Your Style?  I think it is expected that Fashionistas never refer back to their style before the age of 14. No matter what we say about how Fashion always comes full circle, my purple stretch pants, popped polo, and blue skater shoes are never going to make a comeback. (And, hopefully never simultaneously.) I have found much of my style inspiration has come from a mix between the boyish, gamine qualities of Audrey Hepburn and the powerful and strong, city aesthetic of the Nicole Miller woman. My favorite part about fashion is that your own style never ceases to change. I have found that I like to focus on the basics: a maxi skirt and solid blouse, denim and a navy, tucked-in collared shirt, and then play with the details. The pull at the waist with a snake-skin belt, a solo, statement jeweled necklace or a loud, but always classic, deep red, lip.

Fun Facts: Favorite Color: Lime Green. Color I Don’t Have in My Closet: Lime Green. (Other than in my neon work-out gear, I never wear Green.) Favorite Color to Wear: Black (I have been sighted on campus in black long sleeve shirts and black skinny pants tucked into combat boots, and if this is even possible, I may have one too many LBDs.) Age: 20 Must Have Hair Product: None – I try not to use a hair dryer in the summer and a lot of drying products. I am still seeking a good stay-in conditioner for my locks. Recommendations are welcome. Must Have Beauty Products: Garnier’s Skin Renew Perfector B.B. Cream. – one product that is light and inexpensive that serves as a perfect alternative to foundation in the summer! And, Garnier’s Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller – despite my work schedule, it makes me look awake every morning and ready to shoot! Trends I am Excited About: Wedged Sneakers (ASH is the trail-blazer designer thus far), Printed Pants, Monochromatic Grey/ Black Winter styles, the return of the loafer, high-waisted long skirts, and embellished, square, couture tops.

Thanks so much, Stephanie!  We'll definitely stay tuned to the great things you are doing with the cool blog: Glam & Graffiti!

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