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Minx: the celeb and model manicure

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OMG - we are SO excited about this new manicure option we can hardly contain ourselves. Minx burst onto the fashion scene four years ago with celebrities including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian flaunting their custom designs on their fingertips, and famous collaborations have had us going gaga for Minx designs since then. We've even told you about Minx manicures before, but it was always tinged with a bit of envy: you could only find Minx manicures on celebs, in salons, or backstage being applied on top models at all the chi-chi fashion shows. But now hold on to your hats, ladies, we, the masses of nail-trend-addicts, can get celeb manicures at home! That's right, Minx #1 is now available at Ulta for $18, and includes glamorous instant manicure AND pedicure polish sets! minx nails via ulta Minx #1 Nails photo via Ulta Beauty 

The eight designs at Ulta show the amazing creativity of Minx #1 through dazzling metallic hues and runway-inspired prints, and include the following: • Silver Moons:  metallic chrome accented by a silver matte moon comprise this classic • Gold Moons:  metallic gold accented by a gold matte moon • Wild Pink Cheetah:  hot pink and black cheetah spots on a gold base  • Triangle Tango:  a geometric pattern featuring gold and silver triangles accented by black dots • Diamond Diabolique:  an elegant and rich metallic pattern borrowing heavily from the tribal trend  • Summer Splash:  a glorious explosion of color  • Technical Tribal:  a detailed matrix design and an unexpected jolt of color decorate a golden base • MinxLusion Chex:  a checker design featuring the exclusive MinxLusion prismatic silver matched with black squares

You know how obsessed we are with finding the easiest tips for manicures and Minx is all about looking hot while keeping it easy! Swipe some alcohol on your nails, choose a size to fit your nails and rub the Minx appliqué to warm it. Peel the manicure strip and apply it. Remove the excess with a very fine file and rub the strip again to get rid of any bubbles.  Voilà, nails worthy of any red carpet or runway.

Just for our readers, Minx has generously donated three sets of Minx #1 for us to give to you! 3 winners will be selected to win 1 manicure and pedicure set each!

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