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Fishtail Braid: a cute and clever twist

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How to do a fishtail braid

twisty fishtail braid Fashion and beauty trends change at lightning speed, but one thing that is still in style is braided hair, especially a fishtail braid. And it's definitely a great warm weather style! A braid is an ideal style to take you from beach to dinner, keep your hair out of your face while the wind whips through your hair in a convertible, and help you cool off at a brunch with friends on a terrace. But most of all a cute braid is just the easy, lazy girls' way to look great all the time! So, when Sarah said she had the perfect new fancy twist, we said, "show us!" And she did. It's cute, simple, and cool. Our new summer look.

And you can also refer to our pictorial:

fishtail pictorial

Step 1. Make a ponytail and lower band to make it loose. Step 2. Part hair above ponytail and loop ponytail up through the part. Step 3. Secure ponytail and begin fishtail braid. (Cross outside piece on left over to right, cross outside piece on right over to left, continue until at bottom.) Step 4. Secure at bottom, and carefully cut out top ponytail holder without cutting hair. Step 5. Voila, a fancy twist fishtail!