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How to shop for Vintage Clothes (dust-free)

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"Modern-vintage," "vintage-inspired," and "new-vintage" are phrases being thrown around a lot by magazines these days, but it might not be so clear what this trend can do for you. You might think that wearing "vintage" means spending hours in a dusty thrift shop (fun for some, but it might not be your thing) or wearing grandma's hand-me-downs. Not so! Many modern designers these days are gravitating more and more to vintage styles on their new clothes because there is something really special about the style. These former trends have stood the test of time and because they have lasted so long, we know now that they will never go out of style, and it shows off your own unique style too. This makes modern-vintage extremely budget-friendly and versatile. If you want some help getting into this style, here are three great tips from our friend, Loren, of Frock Stock who is dedicated to bringing you unique, modern-vintage styles at a price you can afford: vintage fashion

#1 Pick Your Era - A huge misconception about vintage is that it's stuffy or has to be girly. But because there are SO many eras to choose from, vintage is really the most versatile style of them all. You can rock bold 60's colors or take a page from the Victorians and incorporate touches of lace. It really doesn't matter what era you pick, as long as you make a nod to it.  Scan pages from Tumblr (like our cover photo via s-ara-ng.tumblr.com), magazines, or Pinterest... they can all give you inspiration. Or take a look around your room! You may already have inspiration there. What are your favorite colors? Do you like neons? Do you like pastels? Do you prefer bold styles, or more demure? Use these questions to guide you, but the goal is to choose an era that make sense to you and that is comfortable for you. Usually, you'll find just one era that says to you, "don't you wish you could have lived now?" and then you know you've found the perfect one! Otherwise, keep looking until you find pictures that makes you say "a-ha."

Vintage Fashion

#2 Start with Basics - If you've never incorporated anything vintage into your wardrobe, start with something small and basic. You can incorporate a hairstyle, a headband, a pair of shoes, a ring, or a piece of clothing. Or depending on the era, something iconic. For instance, if you like the 70's, round glasses or headbands would be a great place to start. If you prefer the 50's, peter pan collars or full skirts can help you attain the look of the 50's housewife, whereas neon and mesh will scream '80s. Once you've defined your era, picking your basic pieces helps you build your new look.

vintage fashion

#3 Add a Modern Twist - It's important to keep aspects of your outfit modern so that you don't look like you're wearing a costume. Picking one vintage piece or buying "new-vintage" will help keep your outfit looking fresh but still nostalgic. The key piece could be vintage, but the rest of your outfit could be modern. For instance, the peter pan collared shirt we mentioned in #2, would look fresh with shorts, skirts or skinny jeans. They would give it a modern twist and help you avoid the costume-y look.

We'd start our search at Frock Stock, an online boutique dedicated to bringing you unique, modern-vintage styles at prices you can afford. Everything is run by one girl so you can feel good knowing you're supporting a small business while looking great. Plus, they are generously donating all 3 items in our Giveaway to 1 Lucky Winner!

Our Vintage Giveaway of 3 Items:

All of these pieces are from Frock Stock (a $50 retail value).  Be sure to check out this little online boutique as a great source of inspiration when it comes to shopping "modern-vintage."

1. We love these 50's inspired cat eye glasses. So Hepburn-esque! 2. Pearl studs are a great little vintage touch and will go with any outfit. 3. This beautiful purse reminds us of old Chanel, but its bold lines also pay tribute to the current color blocking trend.

FrockStock vintage

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