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Sparklehearts Natural Bath Products

BEAUTYKim & Chloe

Are you like us? Is your shower FULL of different products because you are always hunting for something that keeps its promise? From ? " get silky soft skin" to "bouncy curls" to "frizz free" to "luscious locks" we ? constantly fall for all the pledges on the side of bottles. ? Finding the right shower products is hard work! So, when Sparklehearts offered to send us a package full of natural bath products, of course we decided to give it a try. natural bath products

We have to admit if we saw Sparklehearts on the shelf we might overlook them, thinking they would be perfect for our younger selves, you know maybe our tween selves. The packaging is very cute and young...but we found out the products are perfect for our teen self! ? What's cool is that although the line is 99.6% natural and doesn't have toxins and chemicals in it... it doesn't have the typical "green" look: you know, dull wrapping, brown or green with an eco-friendly feel. Oh no, Sparklehearts is pink and cute and swirly. ? We love that natural bath products look girly, smell sweet, and that they don't have parabens, phthalates and sulfates. ? Believe us, these are not things that should be on our body or in our hair.

We tried a moisturizing body wash with almond protein and coconut to keep our skin soft, and we followed up afterwards with glisten-y lotion. ? It had a slight shimmer that was just enough to be slightly sparkly, but not enough to be need to "shake the glitter off." ? We also tried the pHresh deodorant, and were pleasantly surprised that although it doesn't have aluminum, it stopped us from sweating. ? But where Sparklehearts truly won our hearts was with it's Shine Shampoo and Soft Conditioner. Not only is it cute, but these natural bath products are powerful - they kept our frizz halo to a minimum. ? The detangler acted like another frizz-free barrier and kept our hair soft too. We workout and swim and sweat, so hair is an issue.. and with natural curls and humidity, frizz is the battle of the day around here. ? Sparklehearts didn't make any promises, but it could have. ? Because it truly delivered. And because of that, it's won top honors in our shower and Sparklehearts has won our heart!