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Makeup Sponge Nails: gradient nails made easy

BEAUTY, DIYKim & Chloe

Makeup sponge nails are so in style for spring. They are fast, easy, and fun, and are a simple way to have cool nails with a gradient or ombre look. We decided to make ours look "easter-y" and springy... just for fun! You already know that we, um, are completely incapable of drawing a straight line. So that's why we loved tie-dyed nails and ombre nails or gradient nails. Believe it or not, makeup sponge nails are faster!  We know, hard to believe.  Just follow our steps for makeup sponge nails and customize however you wish. You'll be creating cool nails in no time at all! spring nail trends

Step 1: Paint your nails white. You can choose other colors too, but silver or white provide a nice background to allow the colors to "pop". Sponging softens the colors somewhat, which is why white is a good base layer.

Step 2: Choose at least 3 colors and a clean makeup sponge. Bright colors are best since they become muted.

Step 3: Paint lines of nail polish on the end of the makeup sponge, at least the length of your nail and the width of your nail. The lines can overlap, and they don't have to be perfect (YAY!). Paint at least 3 colors and up to 5 colors.

Tip: Make sure you can fit all the colors on your nail. We found on our first few nails that enough green didn't show up, so we readjusted. But, your nails don't have to be perfect for this to look good and we actually liked them without much green for a more ombre or gradient look. Tip: You can practice on a piece of paper first and then progress to your nails. Tip: Roll the makeup sponge back and forth across your nail to make sure the color is across the whole nail, top to bottom and side to side.

Step 4: Clean up the sides with nail polish remover, and cover with a coat of clear nail polish (our photo is pre-clean up and pre-clear coat) and that's it. You are done and have cool ombre nails in just a few minutes. Makeup sponge nails are fast and you don't have to have a steady hand - perfect!