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Cute Bathing Suits for Summer

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Maaji Convertible  Bathing Suit

Summer is here :lol:, and that means you need cute bathing suits NOW, right? We found some super cute bathing suits in a range of styles from bunches of companies, some new and some familiar. Anthropologie is one of our favorite stores, and although their swimwear is a little bit pricey, we know it’s worth the splurge because their cute bathing suits last a long time.  Lace was one of spring's biggests trends this season, and a lace bathing suit is sure to get you noticed! Whether you want to cannon ball off the diving board or just lounge around, a lace suit is great for both activities. CLICK PHOTOS FOR SUIT DETAILS.

spring break bathing suit

Not only is neon sure to stand out, it also makes you look very tan which is the best win-win situation ever known! We like the detailing in this suit, like fact that the neon is washed-out, the back criss-crosses, and the bottom has ruching. Super cute details for a super fun day!

cute bikini

Lime Ricki is our favorite swimwear line that knows all about modesty and fashion combined. Their store has stunning suits, but they also keep it real and aren't too skimpy or showy. Their cute bathing suits are the perfect price and also hold up for longer than most suits. The birds of a feather suit has a cut that is very slimming, and the top has a built-in sheld bra with foam cups. And the red top has great one-shoulder detailing to add a special touch. Plus, the fabric provides UV 50+ protection!

spring break bathing suit

The Orchid Boutique is our new-found love. It is a huge website that is full of beachwear from tons of different designers. The prices are mostly on the higher-end, but if you look hard enough you can definitely find some affordable suits that are adorable! This suit has enough patterns to keep you from getting tired of it anytime soon. CLICK PHOTOS FOR SUIT DETAILS.

cute bikini

And Jack Wills absolutely rocks. The new prep in town, we love this company so much that we will be bringing you so much more from them. For now, look at this dazzling suit!

cute bathing suit for summer

We hit a home run with the cute bathing suit below. Sometimes you feel like showing a little skin, and sometimes you feel like covering up. We found the solution: the bathing suit of all bathing suits! The reason this suit is so amazing, is because it can transform from a tankini into a bikini! So if you go on vacation you can pack one less suit. (UPDATE 2013: not available any more, but check out this cute convertible bathing suit)

Tankini to bikini

H&M is amazing because of the prices and it doesn't disappoint when it comes to cute bathing suits. This might be a good place to start shopping for bathing suits to check out the latest trends, or fill-in if you just need a little something new. We love the print on the next swimsuit, and the colors are sure to flatter no matter what skin tone you have. Also, the under-wire is a great plus, because support can be your friend when you have a long day ahead of you. 

bikini 2012

Victoria's Secret and Pink are also great for the latest bathing suit styles. Mixing and matching is easy in store and online. We like the sweet print on this Daisy Paisley Bow Triangle Top. But, since you can pick your top and bottoms separately, you can mix and match patterns, colors, and sizes. CLICK PHOTOS FOR SUIT DETAILS.

purple paisley cute bikini

For more great solids and prints we recommend Old Navy, Gap, J. Crew, etc. They are all great for mixing and matching if you need something at the last minute. Keep in mind that the best bathing suit is something that is uniquely yours and fits you well, that covers and supports where it should, and is a fun print that you love! Happy bathing suit shopping!