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The excitement is stirring around popcosmo for the Hunger Games premiere this week. We have a one-track mind: yes, we love books and movies, yes, we have our tickets; yes, we pre-ordered; yes, we are getting there early; yes, we've considered dressing up, but we know we'll chicken out. The only thing we can't tell you is what "team" we are... we love Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Rue, Cinna... and the list goes on. We are on pins and needles. And we don't want the excitement to end, so we've scouted the MOST adorable artwork we've seen for the Hunger Games so that we can remember this feeling forever... at least until Catching Fire comes out! When we saw Ashley's artwork, we knew we had to tell you all about it. And, not only is it cute, but the price is right and you can customize the colors!! Ashley's AfterNinetoFive is a team that everyone can love! (Oh, and non-Hunger Games fans, there are plenty, puh-lenty of other adorable artwork options!)

Not only is her artwork aaah-mazing, but Ashley, from Nine to Five Decor is pretty cool herself. "I'm a die-hard Hunger Games fan, even though I wouldn't last more than a few seconds in the Arena. I was Team Gale in the beginning, but I was swayed by the boy with the bread....

After Nine To Five (the blog and the shop) were born when I jumped head first into the world of entrepreneurship. I now work at home in my living room, battling our two dogs and cats for a place to work on the couch. I work 60+ hour weeks, but it's totally worth it because I love my job. Today, my favorite color is yellow, and my favorite song is "Come Down To The Water" by Maroon 5 - yep, it's off the Hunger Games soundtrack."

PRINTS: Wall prints are 8" x 10" and are printed on glossy paper... ready to frame. Colors are customizable.

Hunger Games prints

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Hunger Games

Hunger Games artwork

1. Team Gale  2. Team Katniss 3. Team Peeta  4. Girl on Fire 

These Hunger Game decals are perfect for walls, mugs, laptops, storage bins, cars, appliances and more.  Colors can be customized!  AfterNinetoFive uses 5-year calendared vinyl which can be used indoors and outdoors. When properly applied, these decals can last up to 5 years outside and up to twice as long inside. ? The decals are easy to apply and best applied to smooth, hard and clean surfaces. Included with your purchase are directions, transfer paper (that easily allows the smaller pieces of a design to stay put when you’re applying your decal), and a utensil to smooth your decals. All of the decals are removable, but not reusable. When removing the decals, some touch-ups (paint or otherwise) may be necessary depending on the surface and age of the decal.

Contest CLOSED: Win your choice of  1 unframed print plus 1 decal!! Colors CAN be customized. Visit After Nine to Five for more.

Whether you are Team Peeta, Team Gale or Team Katniss, we are pretty sure you or someone you know is Team Hunger Games and hope that you are loving this artwork as much as we do!!

Contest open through 11:59 p.m. on 3/25, enter once daily per email address, winner contacted by email on 3/26. Winner must respond by 3/28 or another winner will be selected. Winner must provide a correct email address below (to be used solely for this giveaway). Winner picked by random number using Random.org. and posted here, Facebook and Twitter. Follow us and friend us!

To enter, tell us Team Katniss, Team Peet or Team Gale. It’s that simple, good luck our Hunger Games artwork giveaway!