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Makeup organizer: the UNII Palette

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A makeup organizer is a necessity to a professional, and anything that could help us organize overflowing makeup piles is going to be a hit in our home. ? So, when we heard we there was a makeup organizer like the pros use, but for the rest of us, we couldn't resist trying out? UNII Palettes. Makeup artists keep their makeup in palettes so it's accessible and not overwhelming, and UNII Cosmetics realized the rest of us could use a similar system. We were so excited to try it... but could UNII Palettes deliver everything we wanted: portability, organization, and ease? ? Yes, yes, and yes, and this is a makeup organizer that looks gorgeous doing it, too!makeup palette We put one to the test and are so excited about how amazing a personal beauty palette is. Our makeup is organized, efficient, portable and compact. In fact, we love it so much that we are giving away UNII Palettes to 2 of our readers! ? The idea is so simple and the results so stunning... take a look!

depot makeup? ? depot results of Unii palette

The process is easy and fun (seriously, we had a good time depot-ing our makeup and we were pros by the time we finished.) You begin by taking your makeup out of their original containers (depot-ing) and putting them in the UNII Palette. It's amazing how much space the packaging takes up, and how much waste there was. ? Some companies allow you to trade in the packaging for discounts or free products, so it's a win/win for everyone: you get more space and free product and they get to recycle!

To start, you need to gather the makeup you will depot, plus the following:

unii palette

Then, we suggest watching this video... we watched a few and found this one the most helpful. There are some great videos about preparing your palette on UNII Cosmetics.

After you've depot-ed a few, you'll realize how simple it is. In our makeup collection, we realized that MAC and Bobbi Brown definitely were our easiest to depot.? What impressed us the most is that we now have all our makeup in one cute little kit that we can take anywhere: school, trips, games, spend-the-nights. ? SO easy, and we won't forget that one "must-have". ? In fact, we think the UNII Palette is our new makeup must have!!!

UNII Cosmetics provide us with an amazing gift for our readers:? we are giving away a UNII palette in Crystal (white) to one winner and Honeysuckle (pink) to another winner.

Unii palette colors

CONTEST CLOSED Unii Palette Giveaway:

Contest open through 11:59 p.m. on 3/18, enter once daily per email address, winner contacted by email on 3/19. Winner must respond by 3/21 or another winner will be selected. Winner must provide a correct email address below (to be used solely for this giveaway). Winner picked by random number using Random.org. and posted here,? Facebook? and? Twitter. Follow us and friend us… we follow back! ?

To enter, tell us your favorite makeup item or brand in the comments below.? It's that simple, good luck winning the Unii Palette makeup case giveaway!