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The scent of summer

BEAUTYKim & Chloe

summer smellIt's the middle of winter and we are... cold. Spring break isn't for a few weeks, but we need a good dose of the beach. We may not be able to get the sand between our toes, but we can pretend with our beach in a bottle! Two scents especially remind us of summer: coconuts and gardenias. A miracle oil that we keep in our shower, The Body Shop’s Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil, mingles the scent of coconuts and gardenias on us all day long. No matter the weather outside, we can still imagine the sun, sand and beach!

Use it on your body, use it when your hair is dried out as an extra conditioner, or use it as a soaking oil in the tub. Dull, dry, drab itchy skin goes the way of snow in spring and? you feel ready for the beach... almost! We suggest applying the oil after you've showered while your skin is still damp. Towel off and then apply lotion. The oil moisturizes and the lotion seals it in.? The Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil? lasts about 4-6 months.... just long enough until we can really get to a beach!