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DIY Ombre Nails

BEAUTY, DIYKim & Chloe

Cool manicures are hot, and ombre nails (ones that go from a light to darker shade) are the latest nail trend! And, we love that it's easier than the finished nail makes it look. For a gradient effect, you can paint each nail a different color of the same color family, but we wanted to show you a new twist on ombre using a makeup sponge. It's similar to tie-dyed nails, but then again... it's not. Check them both out and try these 5 steps to ombre nails perfection! And if you'd like to try a Hunger Games Effie ombre nails, check it out here!

Pick your colors. There are sets that sell graduating shades together, but you can also simply pick a few of your favorites and try them. ? We chose blues:

STEP 1 - Paint your base coat color. Let dry.

STEP 2 - Paint dark tips. Don't worry if the tips aren't in a perfect line since they'll be covered in the next step. Let dry or work with them wet to blend the colors.

STEP 3 - Take a make-up sponge and dab it in your medium color. We folded this on in 1/2 and used the fold area to dab, but you could also use the edges of a wedge-shaped sponge.

STEP 4 - Blot the color on your nails to give them the ombre effect. (You may need to add a little darker or lighter color to get the desired effect.)

Step 5 - Let dry and seal with a clear coat. ? Enjoy!