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What are your friends doing... right now?


When you want to know what your friends are doing, you probably text, Skype, or chat with them. How about having just one place to see everything? Perhaps in one of your fave online places: Facebook? ? Yep, there's been an update and if you want to see what your friends are doing... there's an app for that! Timeline for Facebook debuted more than 60 apps today. What does this mean for you? We already told you that you could listen with your friends on Spotify when we showed you how to make your Facebook page creep worthy, but now you can do way more than just listen together.

Now, you can see what concerts your friends will be going to on TicketMaster, what books they are reading (Goodreads), what they had for lunch (Foodspotting), what movie they saw (Flixster) and what they are wearing or trying on (Pose). And of course you can play Words with Friends or explore on Pinterest!

Where will you and your friends see your activities? Everywhere - in your timeline, news feed, and the ticker. And it won't always be just when you do it. Your activities may show up at another time, depending on the app's algorithm. The one tip you don't want to forget: when you sign up for an app, you can choose who see the activity of their page: Public, Friends, Only Me, or Custom. If you decide to include an app on your Timeline, you are releasing your activity to the public unless you click another option. So think about sharing v. oversharing!

So enjoy your activities with friends, but don't forget to Think Before You Click! Have fun and stay cybersafe!