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Glitter polishes - the Ultimate Guide

BEAUTYKim & Chloe

Nail polish is the accessory of the year, and there is no better way to accessorize than with a sparkly nail polish! Selecting a glitter nail polish can be tricky though since some coat the nail with color and sparkle and some simply add a dazzling sheen, so we bought a few different brands and tested them each... just for you! First, we have Divine Swine by OPI from the Muppet’s Collection. We love this polish in the bottle, because it’s bright pink and super girly. But to see the color you see in the bottle, you will need a lot of coats. We tried thick coats and it didn't help so with patience and a lot of thin layers, you can recreate the bottled look of this polish! Or, paint a first coat of pink and then use Divine Swine as the second coat. Pleasantly pink!



Second, we have CG In The City by China Glaze. Because this is a darker polish, we weren’t expecting anything special, but we were very happily surprised. This polish is a must buy, because it is an mix of sophisticated and girly. This polish goes applies evenly, and you look like you’ve just stepped out of the nail salon even after only one coat!



? We also have Butter London’s special holiday collection which comes with the colors West End Wonderland, Rosie Lee, and Chancer. We found that we really like West End Wonderland and Rosie Lee, because they are glittery, without too much color. And with only 2 coats of either color, we had a beautiful glitter-ful manicure. Chancer is nice, but because of the red base, it was harder to give ourselves an even manicure (the photo shows just one coat). We think it would be great on toes though! Because we were able to get the set at a discount from the regular price, we recommend it.

The last nail polish that we tried was Strobe Lights by Sally Hansen. We absolutely loved this polish, because it applied smoothly and looked great on our nails. The only thing we found that we needed was a top coat, because this polish dries very rough. After a clear topcoat, which can be reapplied every few days, this polish lasted two weeks!


Essie also has some new glitter polishes in their Luxeffects Collection: pink (A Cut Above) and silver (Set in Stones). We tried them and liked the large flakes in the polish, but found that you need at least 2-3 coats if you use only the Essie polish. They were perfect to apply over a base color since the flakes show-up and the base color is still visible.

So, there you go! You are all set with the hippest and most fun fashion accessory of the year, and you don't need to try them all to know which ones to buy!