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Scratch Nails

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Resolution: Enjoy NOT being grown up.Remember Scratch Magic? You drew a picture into the black coating and it magically revealed rainbow colors. Scratch magic looks pretty cute on our nails too, and it will remind of you being a kid every time you look at your nails. ? It's super-easy... enjoy!

1. Gather your brightest fun nail colors and paint stripes on your nails. The brighter the better! You can also tie-dye nails for a similar effect -- both ways look exceptionally cute when finished. What's nice is you don't have to worry about being too neat since you won't see the details when you have finished.

scratch nails tutorial

2. Paint shatter black polish on top of dry nails.

3. Paint a clear coat to seal. Voil? (pre-cleanup).

how to do scratch nails

So simple, so fun, and so very 80's... and you can customize the rainbow colors and shatter coat to match your mood!