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Showstopper Shoes

FASHIONKim & Chloe

When we saw shoes worthy of Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj and found out they were made right here in Louisville, Kentucky, we knew we had to tell you EVERYTHING about them!!

So we took a trip to Lisa Shea Custom Shoes and were greeted by Lisa and a rainbow collection of shoes that she is working on for clients. Each pair of shoes is fully customized for YOU. ? You want a zipper on your shoe? No problem. You want feathers. Bring it on. You want spikes. Got them. Which means you don't have to worry about seeing your shoes on someone else at that next big event. But we are pretty sure you will see heads turning in your direction to admire your shoes!

Lisa has always been a fashionista, and she is known for her sense of style, her meticulous matching, and her refusal to wear the same outfit twice. ? This love of style combined with the insistence on being unique is what led her to make her own shoes.? She never expected to be in the shoe design business, but after years of friends telling her to start a business with her hobby, one of them took her shoe, passed it around to? ooh-ing? and? aah-ing? friends, and insisted. Lisa finally listened, and the next day she had 10 orders! ? She hasn't slowed down since, and she's happily creating custom shoes for those "in the know" about her skills.? ? Her creativity and design process is amazing: Lisa doesn't make a drawing. She listens to the client, looks at the shoe, and sees a finished product. ? When she sees a shoe, she doesn't just see a shoe, she sees a canvas of colorful possibility.

Lisa Shea Custom Shoes is already planning for the future... and we expect to see her stores nationwide. ? In the meantime, order here. ? And stay tuned for the launch of her TEEN LINE. We promise to let you know as soon as it happens!