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After following our New York - Soho shops guide, you'll probably need to refuel in Soho to be ready to venture farther! We have the perfect pit stops for a bite to eat and we recommend a few hidden treasures north of Houston: Street Vendors, Soho The street vendors in Soho are beyond amazing. We've found everything from luxurious leather bags, to sunglasses, hats and jewelry. Bargain for the best deals... and the more you buy, the more the price drops. One of our favorite street vendors is a photographer who is usually on Spring Street near Broadway. She'll take a polaroid and transfer the image on watercolor paper. The results are astounding and worth it! Prices vary, but are usually around $20.

Vanessa Amalia, Union Square Market While in Union Square Market, take a nice, long walk around all the vendors. From the freshest of foods to a world of crafts, there is definitely something for everyone. Although there are plenty of jewelry vendors, Vanessa Amalia's jewelry caught our eye and stood out in a sea of stalls. If you watch The Good Wife, then you've seen the horseshoe necklace Kalinda wears. Vanessa, a vivacious, adorable designer, is behind the creation. We crave all her necklaces and bracelets, but her "Love" one and ice cream cone melt our hearts.

Joe Fresh, 110 Fifth Ave @ 16th (and other locations) There are plenty of stores of all types in the area near Union Square and Joe Fresh. You can find some of the same shops as in Soho, with less crowds, making it easier to walk around. The trade-off? Less street vendors and eye-candy. But we didn't miss a thing when we found Joe Fresh, except high prices. The logo is "Fresh style. Fresh Price." and we found it to be true. We couldn't believe the ranges of styles and the affordable prices. Shop here to stock up on basics from this Canadian company, or snag some trendy items that won't break the bank.


EAT, or just take a sweet break!

Baked by Melissa, 529 Broadway (Spring b/w Broadway & Mercer) Find this hole in the wall and get in line for the city's mouth-poppingly best bite-sized filled and topped cupcakes. We suggest a 6-pack to share with a friend.  Lovin' s'mores, peanut butter and jelly (really!) or Mint Chocolate Chip. Or Tie-Dye. Or Red Velvet....  And, um, yeah, the finger is supposed to be in our photo to show you that you really can eat 3... or more.

Rice to Riches, 37 Spring Street (b/w Mott and Mulberry Street) If cupcakes aren't your thing, then maybe "Rice to Riches" will be. This is rice pudding on steroids with flavors like Chocolate Ship Flirt, Fluent in French Toast, and Secret Life of Pumpkin. And don't forget to add a topping.

Oh, and if you can't make it in person to get Melissa's cupcakes or Rice to Riches, we have great news: they both ship!!

Vive la Crêpe, 51 Spring Street A little bit of street food from Paris in Nolita (North of Little Italy). The price is right plus there are savory crepes and sweet ones. It's the perfect pit stop to refuel your shopping. C'est bon!

Spring Street Natural, 62 Spring Street Stop in for healthy and delicious. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Our favorite place to make sure we eat fresh, healthy food while spending the day in Soho.

Balthazar, 80 Spring Street A French standby that is absolutely delicious. There's usually a line, but you can get bread next door while you wait for exceptional French food in a true Parisian bistro.

Dean & Deluca, 560 Broadway (at Prince St.) The original location. It's expensive, so take your parents. Or stop in for a bite of , well, just about anything. From yogurts, to chocolates, to sushi, to picnic fixings to pastas... it's all here. And there's a small counter where you can sip or snack and watch the passersby.

Must-have Apps:

Sit or squat: When you gotta go, this app tells you where you can. Our single complaint about NYC is the lack of public restrooms, but this app solves the problem by telling you where you can "go". We found clean restrooms in stores that don't mind you asking just to use the restroom. (And it works in all cities, not just NYC!)

Central Park: Not many people can memorize Central Park, or know all the good tips... like what time the concert starts, or where is the zoo. But this app knows all.