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The Ultimate Fun-tabulous Teen Gift Guide, Part 2


Part 2 of THE teen gift guide is here: more fun finds for you and your friends. More ideas are in the Gift Guide, Part 1.

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Let's get to the GIFTS!

Budding writer? Don't want to forget a minute of high school? Share your secrets in a super-custom-designed journal that suits your personality. Choose the outer color, inner lining and notebook: Sheic Journal, $74.95 buy at? Sheic Journals

For your friend who does everything and does it well. And for your friend who helps you study: ? Wonder Woman and Pi shirts, $19.99, buy at ThinkGeek.com

Glitter and flowers guarantee a bright day... even in the middle of winter! Wristlets, $38, buy at ShopGlitterSweet.com

Because you don't want to smudge and you do want to sparkle: Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, $20, buy at Ulta

For your friend who loves only the latest and greatest in nail design: Minx limited edition at-home application. You usually have to have a salon apply Minx... we are so excited about these!, $29.95, buy at Minx ? ?

For friends who likes to snack, or can't find anything in their purse, or need a bag for personal items, or need a spill-proof, washable cosmetic bag: Leopard Cosmetic Case, $9.99, buy at ItzyRitzy

Everyone loves to pop bubble wrap. Now you have a reason to pop daily: Bubble Calendar, $20.12, buy at BubbleCalendar.com Take your tablet everywhere? Padlette solve the problem of how to hold it, and even works over other covers. The only problem? Choosing just one color!: Padlette, $19.99, buy at Padlette

Stick it to your phone for a better viewing angle... and to gross out your parents: ? iStick Phone Stand, $12, buy at FredFlare Go retro, and be able to use both hands while talking on your phone: Pop Phone, $38, call? Dandelion and mention us to get a 20% discount!

Squeeze his belly and get some light: Gummy Bear Lights, $28, buy at UncommonGoods.com

Keep your cash handy in this clever wallet: Paper Mighty wallet, $15, buy at Urban Outfitters

Where to go in Louisville for fun gifts: Dandelion Luna Boutique Consider Boutique Cartwheels Regalo