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Temporary Tattoos - Temptingly Tattly

BEAUTYKim & Chloe



True fashion is timeless. But some fashion is just outright, temporary fun.? And that’s what we love, love, love about these temporary tattoos.? Tattly tattoos are grown-up fun, and tongue-in-cheek.? Our favorite is the watch that will always tell the truth (late much?). Or maybe our faves are the the ones that have a letter for each knuckle (knucks) or the bracelet design.? ? But, wait, we also love the camera for the photographer friend… well, gosh, there are temporary tattoos for everyone.? Tattly? provides? tempting fashion accessories like no other, and no regrets when we change our minds or our mood! ? Tattly, $5 for a set of 2, buy at? Tattly.