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Show your electronics some love!


Stow and go! ? That's what we do with our computer and phone, although we know we should be taking better care of our electronics. ? We thought there was only so much we could do to protect our laptop or phone when we needed to carry them in our purse, or throw them in our backpack to take to school. But WaterField Designs, started by a bike messenger turned corporate executive, recognized the need for good-looking protective cases for people like us who are tough on their electronics. And they take "tough" seriously: their? Laptop SleeveCase? is made from ballistic nylon (you know, the kind used in bulletproof vests), and padded inside with shock-absorbing neoprene, which means it can stand up to some pretty tough use! ? You may not really care that they use industrial strength hardware or that the material is waterproof, but you will love knowing that your computer is safe & dry! ? Plus, you ? can find a case specifically for your brand and size of electronic at a great price. That's right, the Laptop SleeveCase is custom fit for over 100 different types of laptops to have the ideal amount of padding and space. And did we happen to mention they look great?

We also love the iPhone Suede Jacket? to protect our phone from dings and scratches. With memory stretch suede, it slides on and off easily, but only when you want. ? Magic! ? The fabric combines the rich aesthetics of a suede surface with benefits no animal product could ever offer. It is? soft and supple, yet resistant to stains and discoloration. It's even machine-washable.? Perfect for protection in your purse! Oh yeah, did we tell you how good-looking WaterField designs are? Because they are.