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The Beauty Laws of Attraction

BEAUTYKim & Chloe

We can't stop talking about magnetic forces... and we're not even in science class!  nails inc. of London is a a step ahead of the blinged nail frenzy with their magnetic nail polish. ? Magnetic-what?! That's right, it's a nail polish created with metallic particles. ? The top of the nail polish bottle has a magnet that you place over the your painted nail to pull the magnetic particles and create a swirled design. Science + Nails = Beauty!

Even if it wasn't magnetic, we are attracted (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) to the colors. ? Named after London attractions of the architecture kind -- no Kates here -- are Trafalgar Square (chrome) and Houses of Parliament (purple). ? We love greys, but gravitated (again! couldn't resist) towards Houses of Parliament since it's so hard to find the perfect purple. ? Since we share all our secrets with you, take note:? to get the best design, use a thick 2nd coat of polish for the most dramatic swirl. Since the textured nail is a big trend this season and the polish and bottle are doing all the design work, we think nails inc. magnetic polish deserves an A+!

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish, $16, buy at Sephora