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Tackle Your Beauty Tools

BEAUTYKim & Chloe

Most teachers will tell you that you have to start with the basics before moving on to something complicated. Think about how you had to learn addition and subtraction before you were able to learn about fractions. Well, Kristi Forrest, the popcosmo beauty guru believes the same is true when it comes to beauty. If you don’t have the basic tools, it’s hard to re-create some of the looks you see in magazines or on tv. And we are going to be bringing you those looks, and some how-to videos. But let’s start at the beauty beginning (it’s a lot more fun than math!) and learn what tools we need, and how to organize them. ? Kristi Forrest, an amazing whiz at beauty and a top hairdresser, is going to share all her secrets with us. Get ready to have fun, enhance your gorgeousness, and do it all “in a snap”.