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Morning Routine


My friends and I were having a conversation about whether we were morning or night people the other day, and it really got me thinking. What is is that makes us favor one or the other? I know that I love to wake up early, get my boring "to-dos" out of the way, and have the rest of the day left to diddle daddle and relax. Some of my friends would rather snooze all morning and then feel a sense of dooming pressure in accomplishing their "to-dos." I just think it's so weird how we're all wired so differently but all so similar at the same time. Anyway, this trail of thinking somehow got me inspired to share my morning routine with you lovely readers. I don't really think I do anything special, but I love seeing what products other people use so I thought, "what the heck."morning routine | popcosmo

anthropologie perfume

morning routine | mac blush


And here we go..

+The first thing I do is lotion my body. I have extremely dry skin, and living in Colorado isn't doing my skin any favors. I absolutely adore The Body Shop's lotions and the Coconut flavor has such a subtle and clean scent. I would totally try this one out!

+Next, I apply deodorant. This might be TMI and you probably don't care, but I sweat profusely. I joke around and say that my armpits are geysers, but I'm not really kidding. They literally leak. This Dove deodorant works wonders and it smells great too! Plus, Costco sells it in a super size pack if you're into buying in bulk.

+I then move onto making my face look pretty. I usually start with curling my eyelashes, and I use the Shu Uemura curler. I swear it's the best eyelash curler out there. I'm clumsy, as you might know, so putting a metal clamp near my eye is dangerous, but I have yet to pinch my eye lid with this curler (I knocked on wood as I typed this).

+I then apply some eyeliner and mascara. Nothing too fancy happens here. I use Chanel's Noir pencil eyeliner. I change my mascara pretty often, but I love Maybelline's Colossal Mascara. +Next, I add a quick swipe of blush to my cheeks. I actually just recently started wearing blush and I feel like it makes my face look more awake and interesting. Dumb? Maybe, but whatever. I use Mac's Mable. If you have any suggestions for a good blush, let me know!

+The next step I take is spray a little splash of perfume on. I think if I had to only choose one of these steps to complete in the morning it would be this one. I don't know why, and I know it's weird, but I love smelling good. It's an instant confidence booster. Lately, all I've been using is this vanilla perfume from Anthropologie. My cousin and I tried it on randomly while shopping together and we both fell in love with it. Everyone smells something different when it's on, from marshmallows to hot fudge to fresh baked cookies. Everyone loves it though! This Anthro perfume is also a great option!

+Lastly, I brush my teeth because I'm human and I have basic hygiene. So go me, I guess. And that's all! I don't really do anything extraordinary different than the rest of the female population, I don't think, but I thought it might be interesting for you all to know what I do in the morning to make myself feel more presentable.

Do we use any of the same products in our morning routine? If so, let me know! What does your morning routine include? Thanks for reading! xox Chloe



Whew! We’ve rarely been posting on PopCosmo and for that we sincerely apologize. My mom has been crazy busy with life and dealing with the lives of two high schoolers, and I’ve been crazy busy as a Senior in high school. I have to say though, Senior year is so much fun. Being able to drive myself to after school events (ie sports games) and knowing that college is finally on the horizon makes high school so much easier. It’s been great.girls via

I just wanted to pop in an give you all a few updates on my life and what’s been happening. So here we go… 1. Homecoming is this Saturday and I’m super excited. I’m going with a bunch of friends so it’ll be nice and easy. Surprisingly enough, this is my first “real” Homecoming experience. My first high school didn’t have a football team and the Homecoming dance was kind of (read: very) lame. And obviously, my online school didn’t have a football team or a dance so there’s that. I’m still debating what dress I’m going to wear (I have two options) so we’ll see. 2. I went to a haunted corn maze this past weekend with a small group of friends and it was seriously so much fun. Well, the actual corn maze wasn’t fun because they had to shut it down for like two hours while my friends and I stood in line due to a few stupid people that attacked the workers with corn (yes, police and search parties were involved). By the time we could go through the maze it was like 12am and there were only three scarers left. We still had a blast though and I totally recommend going to one soon before the season is over! 3. I’ve been obsessed with going to the gym lately. I know this isn’t really earth shattering news, but the classes at the gym I go to are phenomenal. They have trendy cardio which is my favorite so I guess that’s why I’m diggin’ it so much.

That's all I have for now but I hope you all are having a great week! Let me know in the comments if you have any post recommendations — we’re in need of a kick in the booty with PopCosmo ;) xox Chloe

oh app-y day


fave apps Life is like the App Store, there’s a million options you just have to know which ones to download. If you don’t think that metaphor makes sense then we can’t be friends, just sayin’. Just kidding. Well half kidding. Anyway. Moving on.

I recently upgraded from the old iPhone four (sans Siri) to the brand spanking new iPhone 5. The gold one. That has Siri. I’m feelin’ fab. Since I upgraded to a new phone I decided that I should also upgrade my apps. Out with the old (ie Temple Run and Angry Birds) and in with the new. Today I’m going to share my top three new favorite apps. I’m actually obsessed with them and you will be too. Ok ready? Here they are in no particular order…

1. Evil Apples: If you’re an Apples to Apples fanatic like me, then this game is a must download. I have my seventh period off and my friends and I all go to the same room to “do homework” which usually ends up in us playing a highly competitive game of Evil Apples. It’s basically Cards Against Humanity in app form. Seriously the bomb diggity. 2. Riffsy Keyboard: I found this app through Man Repeller and haven’t looked back since. It’s basically a Gif Keyboard. It works like emojis so the gifs are always at your beck and call. They’re almost too convenient if that’s possible. Go read this post to find out more! 3. Yik Yak: As you might know, I’m a senior in high school and I’m in the whole applying to college process. It’s stressful, and it’s not fun. My future is literally on my kitchen table. However, the idea of college is fun. My cousin told me about this app called Yik Yak and it’s basically anonymous Twitter for colleges. It’s hilarious and it gives a behind the scenes look at what the college students really think and feel about their college. I highly suggest downloading it even if it's just for the laughs.

What are your favorite apps as of late? I'd love to know so I can download them! xox Chloe

Bloggers Go Unplugged


unpluggedHappy September y'all. Isn't it crazy that we only have four more months of the year 2014. It has seriously flown by.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be MIA for the week. Well not completely, but my bloggy besties and I were talking recently about how stressful blogging can be when life is whirling around you. I know for me these past few months have been absolutely insane, between interning in NYC, to moving across the country, to starting a new high school for my senior year. It's. Been. Crazy. I feel like I haven't had any time to just sit and relax and my blog friends are feeling the same way. We decided that we should start this little campaign so that we can remember that blogging is supposed to be fun and not feel like a chore. I will be posting sporadically throughout the week, because I love blogging too much to completely drop everything, but know that every post from here on out is written with a love of blogging. Also, you might have noticed my Instagram hiatus lately. I just haven't been enjoying posting so I didn't post. Sorry if you've missed me and I promise I'll be back soon.

Preptista, Citrus & Style, Stripes & Peonies, and The Blonde Prep will also be participating.

If you want to join in on this "Bloggers Go Unplugged" deal, then feel free to! We all need a little break sometimes. xox Chloe

New Kid


new kid Wow. I’m officially a senior in high school. Like seriously, how the heck did that happen? I literally still feel like I’m a second grader roaming the halls at my elementary school looking up at the “big kids” wondering what it feels like to rule the school. But guess what? I’m now one of those “big kid” and while I most definitely don’t rule the school, I do happen to like my new school. A lot. If you’ve been following PopCosmo for a while now, you might know that my high school years have been a little out of the ordinary. In short, I’m a five year high schooler that has attended three different schools. One teeny tiny private school, one online school, and now a huge public school. It has been awesome to see the differences in the teaching styles and the students, but I have to say, I think this latest school — the huge public school — is my favorite high school of all three. I just started yesterday but the people are super friendly (they talk to me haha), the teachers really know their stuff, and I have all the freedom I could want (aka I can leave for lunch and leave at the end of the day early because I don't have a last period class). However, I am a new kid so of course it’s going to take me a few weeks to adjust and really get to know the people in my classes, but I have to say, so far I love it. I was VERY excited about going back to “real school” from online school, but I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous. I was going to be a new kid senior year. I thought people wouldn’t really care to get to know me because they already had their friends, posses, and cliques. But I was open to talking to anyone and I think that really helped. I was thinking about writing a post on how to be a new kid, so let me know if that's something you'd be interested in reading... I have plenty of experience and plenty to write about. Anyway, I just thought I’d pop in and give y’all a little update. Sorry for the lack of posts around here lately, I’ve been busy adjusting to being a senior at a new school!

xox Chloe

First Day Of School

FASHIONKim & Chloe

My last week of summer is officially coming to and end. I don’t know how the heck summer went by so fast; I seriously still feel like it’s June. But school is about to start and that means constant outfits that don’t just consist of exercise clothes. Also, I don’t know if you all know this, but I will be going back to real school which means I will be a new kid my senior year. This is the first year that I don’t have a uniform since 5th grade so I think my mornings will lead to very messy floors. Anyways, this is what I am planning on wearing my first day of school. I think it says “I want to look cute but not like I’m trying too hard.” Right? All I know for sure is that I like it so… ;)back to school outfit

shoes | jeans | top | backpack | nail polish | water bottle

What are you planning on wearing your first day of school? I’d love to hear!

xox Chloe


Sorority Rush: It's All Greek to Me


Sorority Rush is a confusing process, but I'm going to take you through it step-by-step so you'll be ready for the whirlwind that rush can be! "Sorority": an eight-letter word that has a different meaning to every girl who is a member of one. Sisterhood, tradition and my home away from home are a few things that come to my mind. About 7 months ago, I started the process of becoming a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi, also called AEPhi, at Indiana University. For me, joining a sorority was more than just the Greek letters on my sweatshirt, it is, and will be, something that I carry with me my whole life. sorority rush

Everyone goes through sorority rush or rushes (goes through sorority recruitment) for different reasons, and everyone’s experience in a sorority is unique. In my case, a school with a prominent greek life on campus was one of my top priorities during the college search process. With my Mother, Father, Brother, Aunt and Grandmother all being a part of Greek life during their college years, I never envisioned anything but. Although there were many great sororities to choose from at Indiana, I ultimately decided to continue a tradition, as both my Mother and Aunt were members of the very same chapter at Indiana University.

sorority rush

Enough about me! Here’s my take on the sorority rush and the recruitment process: sorority rush / rushing is scary and intimidating; I would be lying to you if I told you otherwise. The recruitment process varies at every school: there are special rules, different numbers of sororities, and all Pan Hellenic councils (top leaders comprised of girls from all sororities) run according to their campus’s needs. Sorority rush is an emotional process, but as cliché as it may sound, everyone ends up where they are supposed to be, whether they believe that at first or not.

greek life

Although sorority rush is very different at each university, the gist of it remains relatively the same. While going through sorority rush, you attend most of the sorority houses on campus within a very short period of time. You are asked question, and gauged how you connect with girls in the sororities. During sorority rush, there are different rounds (see below) and after each round both you and the sororities will make cuts.

You may be a little confused as to what I mean by “rounds.” Every campus calls the steps of recruitment different names. At Indiana they are called “parties.” I started the recruitment process with “20 party.” During 20 party, I went to all 20 sororities on campus (hence 20 party). After 20 party, came 14 party, then 8 party, then 3 party then Bid Night. After each “party” I would rank my favorite houses and the active members (girls already in the sororities) made lists of the girls they believed would best fit into their house. Through a computer process, the lists are compared and which houses one will be attending at the next round or party will result. It’s confusing, but your Rush Guide (mentor) will be there to help out. Rush Guides have different names at every campus; at Indiana they are called “Rho Gamma’s” (from the “R” and “G”). They are trained, unbiased members of sororities who give an unbiased opinion to PNM’s (potential new members) during the recruitment process.

But back to the Sorority Rush process, towards the end of recruitment will come emotional days with tough decisions. You may have decided what house you prefer: a certain conversation or moment may stand out in your mind and give you “the feeling.” The feeling of "this is where you belong," or a feeling that you just don’t get at any other house. For others, it might not be as clear. My best advice for you would be to follow your heart. Don’t decide on a sorority based on their reputation or what your friends are doing. Decide for yourself!

sorority rush

Bid Day, the most nerve wracking, stomach churning day for every PNM. Thoughts running through your mind might range from “What if I wanted them but they didn’t want me?”, “Will my life be over if I don’t get in this house?” There is always that possibility of not getting into the house you put number 1, and it happens often. But your world won’t end and all girls end up where they should!

Then comes the fun, Bid Night. A night full of hugs, laughter, smiles, screaming, singing, presents, yummy food and SO much more. During Bid Night you’ll meet the members of your pledge class and the older members of your house. The night is stress-free and is all about getting to know the girls (now sisters!) in the house. Who knows, you might just meet your bridesmaids that night… my mom did!

After bid night, you have begun the process of becoming an official member of your sorority. You will begin the pledging process, where you will be spending a lot of time with your new sisters and getting to know them. You'll also learn about the history of your sorority and the principles it was founded on. Being a part of a sorority is more than just a non-stop party. As a member of a sorority, you will have the opportunity to be a part of its philanthropy, sisterhood events, programming, leadership development, and the list could go on and on. Being in a sorority will challenge you to work harder than you may have in the past, but you will forever have your sisters behind you ready to catch you if you fall. ~Sarah


How to Ask a Girl out on a Date


They say chivalry is dead. ? (If you don't know what chivalry is, think white horses, knights, and doors being held open.) ? But, we ? say it's alive and well. ? There are still some guys who will go to some trouble when asking a girl out on a date... and do a little advance planning... and aren't afraid to take a risk. ? And you know what? ? We admire that. ? We think it's cool -- and hot. It's not always necessary, but for a special event, it's refreshing. ? Whether it's giving her flowers or a card, or, well, his choice. ? So go ahead guys, put yourself out there. No risk, no reward. ? Need an idea for your guy? ? Show him this:

And yep, the Chloe that Seth is asking is popcosmo's own Chloe. Will she be his prom date? ? We don't know because this was posted before she knew about it! ? This is a real video and her first prom (prom dress shopping!), so we'll keep you posted! What we DO know is that we are super-excited about prom and that being creative is fun, and a memorable way to ask someone out for a special event... and we hope she's surprised and he's happy with her answer. ?

Prom Accessories

FASHIONKim & Chloe

Prom is coming soon and maybe you've seen a few dresses that might be perfect for the big day. Maybe you've even found THE ONE. But, have you considered prom accessories for your dress?? You may have thought about party hairstyles (don't worry, we'll be sharing our chic up-do's), but choosing the right prom accessories can be difficult -- especially with a dress that already has the latest trends of beading or bling. So we are going to share with you a step-by-step guide for accessorizing the most popular dress styles! And we're sharing even more than that: along with UniqueVintage.com, we are giving you the chance to win a $250 prom dress? (enter below)!? how to accessorize for prom

The more embellished your dress is, the more simple you should keep your jewelry and accessories. ? You can enhance your style by selecting one additional color and keeping your accessories in that color group. ? We show a few silver options. ? Bold shoes, bold bracelets or bold earrings will deliver a style punch, and balance the interest without stealing the show from your fabulous dress!

1. bow bracelet, $18; ? 2. rhinestone earrings with crystal, $30; ? 3. headband, $28; ? 4. silver pearls, $28; ? 5. wedge heels, $75; ? 6. bracelet, $38; ? A. silver dress, $134; ? B. pink dress, $258; ? C. black & silver dress, $122

jewelry purse for prom dress

Wearing a halter-dress is like wearing a built-in necklace. ? You don't need extra adornment so focus on shoes, earrings, bracelets, and purses. ? Depending on the dress color, you can choose a pop of color (check out the punchy purse in #3) or stay within the same color tone as your dress. ? Silver, black, and gold are always a good choice!

1. black heels, $75; ? 2. flower bobby pins, $22; ? 3. ruffled purse, $40; ? 4. silver clutch, $32; ? 5. rhinestone chevron earrings, $20; ? A. pink tie-dyed dress, $278; ? B. black & white dress, $124; ? C. ? sea foam dress, $218; ? D. blue dress, $358

accessories for prom

Retro is hot! If you like the vintage look, there are new dresses in vintage style and? Unique Vintage? has one of the best selections around!? Styling your hair with a flip, wave, or curl is perfect retro "do" for prom. To go retro you can also take a simple dress and accessorize it to appear more funk and less contemporary. ? We love all these prom accessories, but once again... when going bold, sometimes less is more. ? Pick one or two accents and keep the rest of your outfit clean and simple.

1. earrings, $32; ? 2. necklace, $53; ? 3. cameo, $68; ? 4. fringe purse, $164; ? 5. flower for hair, 413; ? 6. square earrings, $30; ? 7. stretch rhinestone bracelet, $12; ? A. black lace dress, $338; ? B. black sequin dress, $178; ? C. white fringe dress, $398

shoes for prom dresses

A one-shoulder dress also has enough interest (like halter dresses) that you should keep the accessories around your neckline simple, if you wear a necklace at all. ? Bold earrings also help draw the eye up to your face and hair, as will cute hair accessories. ? Embellish with bracelets for that extra pizazz and definitely kick the shoes up a notch for some added bling and to balance out the interest.

1. pearl necklace, $50; ? 2. silver bow hairband, $22; ? 3. hoop earrings, $15; ? 4. bow bracelet, $18; ? 5. silver shoes, $71; ? 6. rhinestone bangle, $20; ? A. pink dress, $110; ? B. silver sequin dress, $278; ? C. purple ombre dress, $88

Now that you are an accessory maven, you need the perfect prom dress! Unique Vintage, the hottest and hippest dress and accessory store in California, is giving away a prom dress of your choice UP TO $250!!

CONTEST CLOSED PROM DRESS GIVEAWAY: $250 to spend on a prom dress on UniqueVintage.com!! Winner may choose a prom dress up to $250 value at UniqueVintage.com. ? Contest open through March 9 at 11:59 p.m., enter once daily per email address, winner contacted by email on 3/10. Winner must respond by 3/12 or another winner will be selected. Winner must provide a correct email address below (we use emails only to contact winners) & will be picked by random number using Random.org. Good luck! To enter, answer this question: ? When is your Prom (or spring dance, party, formal, etc.)? ? Good luck winning a? gorgeous party dress! CONTEST CLOSED?

A Prom Dress for YOUR Body Type

FASHIONKim & Chloe

Whether petite, curvy, tall or athletic, there is a perfect style dress for you to highlight all of your favorite features. We'll show you how to pick a prom dress that will accentuate your assets. ? We also feature prom dresses under $100. ? Not only are they easy on the wallet, but they also pack a ton of style into super-fun prints and shapes. ? Which just goes to show that no matter what your shape, no matter what your budget, there's a perfect prom dress out there just waiting for you! ? And there are plenty more prom dress styles that we show you here! Plus, you can win a free dress by entering our prom dress giveaway... good luck!

choosing a prom dress 1. ? A strapless short dress is perfect for petite girls! It's flirty and has a lot of shine without overwhelming a smaller frame. Strapless Party Dress, $220 2.? Flaunt those curves! ? An empire waist will define your curves, without restricting you, and creates a flattering silhouette. ? We love choosing an accent area, such as hair, back or shoulders, and showing off your assets! ? ? Plus-sized Peacock Dress, $438 3. ? This long one-shoulder embellished dress is a great color and shape for any girl. It is flowing, figure- flattering, yet forgiving, and is definitely on trend with the one shoulder, Grecian inspired look that is unique with an ombre print. It can show off arms and back without being overly revealing.? ? One Shoulder Open Back Dress, $298 4. A fabulous high-low style is perfect for taller girls. It can show off long legs and gives a pop of color that will make anyone stand out!? ? Strapless High-Low Gown, $298 5. ? An embellished and cutout dress is perfect for an athletic girl, because it creates curves and shows off a toned athletic frame! It also can provide some curves if you have more of a slender shape. The double one-shoulder and beading provide fine details that also flatter your figure. ? One Shoulder Dress, $276

Like the styles above, but looking to save a little cash? There are plenty of options for you... that are all under $100.? Just because you are on a budget, doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. ? These are just a few of our favorite dresses from PromGirl that are under $100!

CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION: ? 1. Strapless Polka Dot Dress, $50; ? 2. Colorful Strapless, $99; ? 3. Short Party Dress, $89; ? 4. Long Blue One Shoulder Dress, $89; ? 5. Strapless High Low Prom Dress, $99

So, now that you've found the styles and shape dress you like, you can start shopping! ? And you can even find dresses for under $100. ? Or, you could just enter our contest to win a prom dress up to $100!



Prom Dress Styles

FASHIONKim & Chloe

It's almost spring time and for lots of you that means prom! ? For others, there are formals, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, and sweet sixteens, and we have the latest prom dress styles and trends that will have you dancing the night away with an elegant flair and sophisticated style. The variety of prom dress styles for 2012 party dresses means you can find a special look that allows you to express your individuality. ? And ? you can also learn how to choose a prom dress for your body shape... and find prom dresses under $100. we'll be Plus more... so keep checking back! PromGirl.com has dresses for every occasion and they are giving away? $100 in Prom Dollars to? PromGirl!? ? Just leave a comment below telling us YOUR DREAM PROM DATE. It's that simple... and there are plenty of dresses under $100. Score! ? See below for details.

One shoulder prom dress

One shoulder dresses are always very popular. You have the look of a strapless, but without the worries. And the backs of the one shoulder dresses are to die for. CLICK FOR MORE INFO: 1. Peacock Print Dress, $398; ? 2. Short One Shoulder, $170; ? 3. Long One Shoulder, $338

prom dress styles quinceanos Brights are on trends for this year and there is a rainbow of colors to choose from, so pick your favorite. We are seeing all lengths from short to high-low (short in front and long in back) to long. Choosing a bright color can lend a bit of whimsy to an elegant shape. CLICK FOR MORE INFO: 1. Short Beaded Dress, $660; ? 2. Ball Gown, $550; ? 3. Long Strapless, $500

prom trends sweet sixteen Glass Beads are one of the most popular trends this year and they are on a variety of dresses. ? Selecting a style with glass beading is a great way to stand out and sparkle! CLICK FOR INFO: 1.? V-neck Short Tulle Dress, $408; ? 2. Beaded Prom Gown, $378; ? 3. Strapless Dress, $278

prom styles formal dresses pageants And for the daring, there are dresses with cutouts. This style is for the super-confident girl who wants something unique and unexpected! ? Just check with your school for any dress codes :) CLICK FOR INFO: ? 1. ? Cutout Prom Dress, $398; ? 2. Sequin Dress, $338

CONTEST CLOSED $100 PROM DOLLARS COUPON FROM PROMGIRL.COM GIVEAWAY: Winner will receive a $100 Prom Dollars coupon to be used on www.PromGirl.com,? shipping NOT included,? valid through Jan. 31, 2013. ? Contest open through 11:59pm 2/27, enter once daily per email address, winner contacted by email on 2/28. Winner must respond by 3/1 or another winner will be selected. Winner must provide a correct email address below (we only use emails to contact winners) & will be picked by random number using Random.org. ?

To enter, answer this question: ? WHO IS YOUR DREAM PROM DATE? (your crush, a singer, actor....) Good luck on the Prom Dress Giveaway!

Check your ACT Test Dates-then check these 5 tips

The first item you should confirm in preparation for your ACTs is the ACT Test Dates so you can work back from them. After you check the ACT Test Dates, you should check these 5 tips to make sure you are adequately prepared for the ACTs. ? Getting the best score you possibly can on the ACTs involves some advance preparation, but it IS worth it.
Stephanie White, a well-respected ACT Tutor, shares her top 5 tips to help you prepare for and familiarize yourself with the ACTs:
1)? Start preparing at least 6 weeks in advance.? The ACT exam is a test about everything you have learned in the entire course of your education! You will be most successful if you give yourself enough time to complete at least 3 practice exams as well as lessons in between.? You cannot cram for a final exam over 12 years of material!
2) Focus on the math and English sections the most.? The math section covers so much material and you will need extra time to work on pacing in this section.? The English portion is repetitive and you can really increase your score if you get to know this section and master the format of their questions.
3) Take the ACT question of the day (http://www.actstudent.org/qotd/)? while you are preparing for the test.? You know you will be on the computer!? Before you check? popcosmo.com, Twitter, Facebook and all of your other usual sites, do this one question!? What's great about it is you should not take more than one minute to do it since pacing is very important on the ACT exam.? Just think, if you do 1 question a day for 6 weeks of studying, how many questions do you now have under your belt???? See, we just practiced for the math section.
4) Know the test.? How much time do you get for each section? How many questions are there?? Should I guess if I don't know an answer or skip the question?? What formulas do I need to know for the math section?? Any good ACT prep guide will walk you through these critical points so don't skip them and only do the practice questions.? Knowing the ins and outs of the exam will give you more confidence and less things to stress about while you are taking it.
5) Analyze your results and take the time to recognize your weaknesses.? As you prepare, every 2 weeks, look at your results and see if you are getting all of the geometry questions incorrect! If so, you know what you need to concentrate on before the exam. Maybe your lowest score is always? in the science section and you decide you need to allocate a little extra time to complete more practice in this area.? In other words, do not just aimlessly work your way through an ACT prep guide!? Take the time to assess your results and make adjustments to your studying to fill in the gaps.
PS - Be sure to get a good night's sleep the week of the test, and eat a healthy breakfast. Good luck!

Locker Essentials


Middle school and high school can be tough... especially when it comes to staying organized. To make it easier to organize your space plus personalize your locker, we share our favorite finds with you: LockerLookz and ItzyRitzy. LockerLookz will add some serious pizazz to your locker with items ranging from mirrors, to wallpaper, to chandeliers. Yep, a working chandelier for your locker! We'll show you the wallpaper, but check out all the other items at LockerLookz. ? LockerLookz, $7.99 and up, wallpaper $20.99, buy at LockerLookz

You have your locker looking good, but how do you keep it from being messy? Try Itzy Ritzy bags. They are absolutely spectacular: waterproof, leakproof, washable, food safe, eco-friendly, and adorable! ? You can put food directly in the bag... even something messy like orange slices (since they? were made for snacks) and they won't end up as a sticky mess all over your locker. ? But we thought why stop there? ItzyRitzy bags are ideal for everything: phone storage, dirty sock holders, bathing suit storage, and as an emergency kit. ? Seriously, these bags do it all while looking fab, so I'm sure we'll find even more uses for them! ? Makeup bag, anyone? Itzy Ritzy,$12.99 and up, buy at Itzy Ritzy