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Long time, no talk, am I right? Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, but I have a good excuse… I was traveling all around Scotland. To say Scotland is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever been would be an extreme understatement. Every single place I visited in the country was beyond spectacular. It seriously felt like I was traveling in a dream. So, so beautiful. I actually went with my brother, four other people from school, and three chaperones. It was an Explorica tip through school and it was such an amazing experience. So, the first day we arrived, we got into Glasgow at 6am local time. We then hopped on our bus and traveled to these ginormous horse sculptures called Kelpies. They were absolutely beautiful, but I think we were all a little too jet lagged to fully appreciate their beauty. After we visited the Kelpies, we hopped back on the bus and traveled to a gorgeous church and cemetery. Next, we went to the city center of Glasgow to wonder around and grab lunch. We then traveled all around Glasgow learning about the history of the city and looking at the monuments from the comfort of the bus. Everyone in the group was trying their hardest to not fall asleep, unsuccessfully. Jetlag really sucks. We then arrived at our hotel, ate dinner, and passed out. I’m pretty sure everyone on the trip was in bed and asleep at 9pm.

So the first day was relatively uneventful, but got us all very excited for our next week in the beautiful country of Scotland.

Day two was spent driving to the Highlands where we would spend the next three days and two nights. The drive was absolutely spectacular and we stopped at a gorgeous lake and a few other pretty spots. I can’t even begin to describe how gorgeous Scotland is. 360 degree beauty, for real. We then arrived at the cutest little hotel and wandered around the tiny village that we were staying in. I swear, it was so tiny I probably saw four locals the entire time we were there. One of the highlights of the Highlands was definitely the chance to visit Loch Ness. I convinced our tour guide to let us take a ferry ride on Loch Ness and it was absolutely, hands down, worth it.

After three days in the Highlands, we traveled to Edinburgh. This city is absolutely gorgeous and if you have the chance to visit Scotland, I totally recommend it. The nice thing about our trip was that the counselors let the students wander around the city by ourselves (we just had the buddy system rule) and it really allowed us to feel immersed in the city and not feel like we were on a boring walking tour. While in Edinburgh we went on an underground city tour, climbed up the Gothic Rocket, ate at a ton of little restaurants, shopped in a ton of cute boutiques, and just wandered around aimlessly. I wish we had more time to explore the city because there were so many hidden gems.

On the last day of our trip, we visited St. Andrews. Home of the famous golf course, castle, gorgeous views, and birthplace of the meeting of Will and Kate. I was hoping to find my prince, but unlike Kate, I was unsuccessful. Like I mentioned before, Scotland is seriously the most beautiful country with the most beautiful cities, but St. Andrews stole my heart. It was seriously so beautiful, quaint, home-y, and beachy all in one. If I had a choice of any city to grow up in, I would definitely have picked St. Andrews.

All in all, my Scotland trip was an amazing experience. I wish I could put into words how awesome of a time I had, but I just can’t. It was too perfect. I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity and totally recommend Scotland as a place to visit. I’ll now leave you guys with a ton of pictures!












If you want me to do a post on the "must see" things of Scotland, let me know! Thanks for reading! xox Chloe

Louisville Eats: Wiltshire Pantry


My mom and I have been eating out a lot lately and continue to seek the best of Louisville lunch spots. It's sort of our mid-day break from work and school. And I mentally take these spots and think could I do school work here? Another question I ask is how healthy is this food for me as I try to get in shape and eat right. And I also want to be in a place that's friendly and kind, with good energy. Wiltshire Pantry Bakery & Café is a checklist filler! It's serves vegan and gluten-free options, which are surprisingly hard to find in a city as big as Louisville, and Terry makes me feel right at home every time I walk through the door. I wish I could say I was unique, but she seems to know everyone! And with soup specials every day that sound creamy but have bases of nuts or vegetables, and salads and sandwiches that make me want to come back every day, I know that I'm not veering off-course of my healthy trend.

My "study and brunch" outfit of denim on denim is a look I’ve never really been a fan of, until I recently saw a picture of a girl on Pinterest who was wearing her denim shirt with a white tee underneath and I loved it! So I copied her as any good pinner would do. I think I like it… who knew a simple tee (well, my new amazingly soft tee that fits perfectly, actually) could completely change a look?

Jean shirt and jeans

Everlane tote and Goyard bag

Wiltshire Pantry

pastries Tea set

Everlane tee & jean shirt

Behind the Counter Wiltshire Pantry Quiche Wiltshire Pantry

shirt / tee / pants (similar) / shoes / tote / purse - Goyard / lariat necklace

You know where to find me… but what's your favorite brunch spot like?

xox ~chloe

best louisville wedding photographers

No-sew DIY Placemats + Fall Friends!

DIYKim & Chloe
DIY Placemats | Popcosmo

DIY placemats Inspired by the simplicity of the linens at Mark & Graham, we decided to try our own DIY placemats to prepare for fall festivities.  What's not to love about a monogram and matching border, right? Also, we wanted to pull in the colors of our china so we chose a black border and monogram, but you could choose any color combination. DIY placemats supplies Supplies: Plain placemat Scissors Ribbon Paint Liquid Stitch Stencil Paintbrush Pencil

Directions: 1. Cut ribbon to length of each side. no sew DIY placemats -cut

2. Apply ribbon to edges with a washable glue. no sew DIY placemats - glue

3. Apply stencil to top center and paint. no sew DIY placemats - stencil no sew DIY Stencil - paint

4. That's it! You have the first of your DIY placemats! simple no sew DIY placemats

Three steps to a simple no sew DIY placemats ready for any table setting. Party on!no sew DIY Placemats | popcosmo


We also have some fab projects from our friends for some fall fun! (ooh, isn't that festive!) Enjoy! Click on the picture you like and you'll go straight to their website!

Each Monday from October 28th - November 18th you'll find Holiday decorating ideas, DIYs, crafts & so much more from our friends at Sews N Bows, Fresh Idea Studio, PinkWhen, & The Pinning Mama.. We hope to see you!


Table Runner - The Pinning Mama


Apron Set - Sews N Bows


Fall Porch - Fresh Idea Studio


Fall plaque - PinkWhen

Beach Trip: 30A

Rosemary beach

It’s finally summer. You know what that means. Vacation, no school, no schedule. Basically heaven. So what's girl to do? You know I love to travel and it was absolutely, definitely, positively time for a beach trip!

rosemary beach, florida

So this past weekend I took a beach trip down to Seaside, Florida. I was visiting a friend from when I used to live there, and let me tell you, I had the trip of a lifetime. As I’m writing this I’m just remembering the constant sand between my toes, the worry free days, and salty hair. Everything I took for granted when I lived there! This trip was JUST what I needed, and I’m so thankful that I got to go. I am even starting a “no spending” spree so that I can save up enough money to be able to go back down at the end of summer. Yes, I had so much fun that I’m willing to stop shopping and save EVERYthing just so that I can go back for Beach Trip #2!

If you’ve never been to the panhandle of Florida, or Destin, Panama City or 30A area of Florida (or even if you have) you’re in for a treat. I’m about to share some local hot spots so that when you go visit, you can have as much fun as I did! 30A is basically a beachfront highway that goes straight through about five main “towns.” I put “towns” in quotation marks, because these are all probably smaller than the neighborhood you live in. Let me put it this way... I used to go for family bike rides almost from one end of the highway to the other! OK, it took all day, but it's a fab way to spend the day!!

Rosemary Beach

what to do in rosemary beach

Shades - bar and grill style, but the perfect family restaurant. the french fries and nachos are to die for.

Summer Kitchen - light and easy lunches and dinners. katie holmes was even recently spotting dinning here.

La Crema - if you’re a chocolate lover you must go here. literally the best cookies and fondue ever. they also have other tapas (like hummus) if you don’t have a sweet tooth. tell the Neals we say "hello!"

Amavida Coffee - morning coffee drinker? this is your place.

The Trading Company - this is the place to buy that Rosemary Beach t-shirt. there are also tons and tons of awesome home goods/accessories here! And yours truly had my 1st real job here - and it was awesome!

Bombora - wishing for a new swim suit or a new pair of glasses? then definitely visit here.

insider tip: the annual easter egg hunt is amazing for little kids, check out the indoor pool, and be on the lookout for outdoor movie nights.

Alys Beach

what to do in Alys Beach


Calypso Pool - this pool is what i hope heaven will look like. it’s gorgeous, and everything that you dream of when you think of the word “vacation.” there is a restaurant and bar attached that you can go to even if you’re not staying in Alys Beach.

George’s - this restaurant has amazing options, but is more of an adult restaurant - at least in my opinion. it’s super yummy and fresh though!

insider tip: the best place to watch a sunset is upstairs inside the pool area, rent a cabana and feel like you are not even in the USA, & check out the bathrooms (architecture is amazing, even in here.)  there are trails at the back of the resort - and they are open to the public (instagrammable to the max). the cute little bookstore (Fonville Press) has great outdoor seating. Digital Graffiti is a must-do.


what to do in Seaside Florida

The Juice Bar - juices and smoothies and snacks, healthy and delicious, and i used to eat here daily. DAILY. simply the best and our family's favorite place on 30A. tell Jen and Christin we sent you!

Frostbites - if you just need a sugar fix, this is the place to go.

Modica Market - if you’re in need of a quick bite or an appetizer, this is your place! groceries are also sold here, but warning, they’re very expensive (try Publix right down the road).  if you’re a sweet tea lover, then you will fall in love with this place - they literally have the world's best sweet tea.

Pickles - hot dogs, fried pickles, and smiley face french fries. this place is bound to be any kid’s new favorite restaurant.

The Taco Bar - i’m a huge mexican food lover, and this place has my heart. the tacos are super fresh and the salsa is too die for. i have a feeling you’ll be wanting to eat here more than once.

Wendy’s Pearls - all the locals are wearing pearls on leather! it’s the hottest trend on 30A, and it’s definitely a trend you don't want to miss out on. it is pretty pricey, but the jewelry lasts forever. Think boho + classic and you get the idea.

Mercantile - this store has pretty much the cutest items i’ve ever seen. it has a very beach yet artsy feel, and the prices are very reasonable!

Pizza By The Sea : literally the worlds best pizza. worlds. best. pizza. you MUST go here!

Bud & Alley's Rooftop Bar (Tarpon Club) - yep, kids can go upstairs and guess the time the sun will set, even though it's technically a bar. go early.

Perspicasity - hard to say, easy to find something you didn't know you needed.

insider tip: the house filmed in "The Truman Show" is located at 31 Natchez Street. check out the fab Farmer's Market on the weekend! There is always an event here. always. film festivals, flea markets, 4th of July parade... you'll find something for everyone!

Grayton Beach

beach trip

Hibiscus - when i lived in florida, this was probably my all time favorite breakfast restaurant. i don't like breakfast at all, but at hibiscus wanted everything on the menu! it also functions as a bed & breakfast, so if you’re looking for a place to stay....

Red Bar - i ate here twice while on my weekend trip and i have no complaints. the atmosphere is awesome and there might even be a band playing in the restaurant while you enjoy your meal! best part? no shirt, no shoes, no problem.

Allison Craft Designs - remember those pearls we told you about. they're here too... for a lot less.

insider tip: yes, that just might have been Sheryl Crow who showed up at Red Bar for an impromptu concert. if you have a beach license, you can drive your car on the beach. ditto for dogs, but you need a dog license!

I could go on & on & on, but just check out our favorite website for the area: 30A.com. And be sure to grab a sticker, plop it on your car,  and look like a local after you go home. Or at least feel the beach vibe every time you gaze upon the bright yellow and blue logo - one of the tops in my humble opinion! I'm already dreaming of my next beach trip :)

Where's YOUR favorite beach?? Tell me all about it!!

xox ~chloe

Eating in, Touring in, and Shopping Chicago

FASHIONKim & Chloe

Have we mentioned how much we love shopping! And have we mentioned how much we love Chicago? When you combine the two into shopping Chicago, with a bunch of snack breaks and lunches and dinners thrown in to refuel, plus new friends and sightseeing, you have the best vacation around. We wasted no time on our tour of Chicago, and shopping Chicago for the best restaurants, hangouts and stores was a blast. (We can't wait to return to make sure our list stays up-to-date.) Shopping Chicago is one of our favorite new pastimes and it's no wonder Chicago is one of the most visited cities in the U.S. For all addresses, be sure to check our Chicago SHOPS and Chicago HANGOUTS lists. Shop til you Drop: TopShop – there are only 2 brick and mortar stores in the U.S. and we are super proud to have been to both of them! Oh yeah, lofty goals and all. The Chicago store is fabulous - centrally located on Magnificent Mile and spotlighting all the latest fashion trends under 1 roof. ? Popcosmo tip: ask for a personal shopper to help you navigate the large store and use the large, less crowded dressing room downstairs.

chicago shopping with teens

Urban Outfitters Outlet – Mecca for the Urban Outfitter’s aficionado. This is the only Urban Outfitters outlet in existence. There is a little bit of everything in this store, from shorts to t-shirts, to coats, to leggings, to shoes. If you love it, buy it. Because it will be gone a few hours later. And if you have a friend who’s tired of shopping, they won’t mind hanging out here. Just point them towards the ping-pong table and get busy perusing.

Water Tower Place – If the weather is bad while you are in Chicago head here for the afternoon! Multiple floors keep it from being overwhelmingly crowded. And the store selection is varied enough to keep everyone happy. Make sure you stop in Akira, a local Chicago store with multiple locations, teen-friendly clothes, and teen-friendly prices, plus the sales staff is super-friendly and helpful. Mention the event you are shopping for and they’ll expertly pick a selection of clothes for you. And if walking down Michigan Avenue is making your wallet feel a little light, head on over to State Street for more wallet-friendly stores, like H&M and Forever 21, in a similar central location.

Belmont Area – This is the area for thrifting. We didn’t have time to thrift shop on our trip, but anytime we mentioned the word “boutique” or “thrifting” the stores Belmont between N. Clark and Broadway was repeatedly suggested. Check out our SHOPS for a complete list.

Frankie's On the Park - Cute store with everything from Soludos to jeans, to tanks to dresses, and a lot of local jewelry upstairs near the Graffiti Bar. Design you own t-shirt or anything imprintable - perfect for gifts! Our fave salesperson in all of Chicago tends the Graffiti Bar, with most enviable long blonde hair we've ever seen. Stop by, tell her hello, and that we sent you!

chicago shopping with teens

Refuel: Molly’s Cupcakes – we met our new BFF, Loren from @FrockStock here, at her suggestion. We knew we could trust her suggestions because she has excellent taste (& the cutest affordable jewelry & clothing website around FrockStock). She chose the most darling spot in the city with delish cupcakes! Molly's is the standby you know you can take anybody of any age to and know they’ll love it. They'll rave over the décor (swings as barstools), the diversions (board games in case someone’s running late) and the cupcakes, which are to die for. We really have only one complaint: way, way too many choices and not enough time to try them all. Thanks, Loren!

chicago shopping with teens

Argo Tea – Chicago’s healthy version of Starbucks that’s delicious, cool, and sustainable, and did we mention yummy? Oh-so-friendly and with calorie listings right on the sandwiches and snacks so you can keep to your health goals and choose healthy meals and snacks (and know which is which). We want an Argo Tea everywhere… and have a feeling they will be soon.

iCream - the art of science and ice cream come together to create delicious ice creams, shakes, and hot puddings as featured on The Food Network. Add a dose of liquid nitrogen of to your favorite ice cream flavor, pick a color, and taste the sensation. Just be prepared to wait if you go during the summer... but it's worth it for the taste, and the absolute unique experience.

chicago shopping with teens

chicago shopping with teens

Doughnut Vault – If you like donuts, don’t miss this tiny gem of doughnut jewel box. It’s open Tuesday-Friday at 8:30 a.m. and Saturday at 9:30 a.m. until they run out of the 1,000 donuts they make each day. Which means the line is long and starts early. Arriving at 9:30 on Friday the wait was over an hour. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we found that there was a very limited menu as you can see below. Curiously, as doughnut connoisseurs and typically very picky, the whole family was happy and scarfed down the entire selection (it’s hard work doing research). Our advice: go early, take a book, be hungry.

Chicago Shopping with Teens

Pizza – Deep dish is a Chicago institution. Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s and The Original’s Gino’s East of Chicago are all popular.

Hot Dogs - Also another local favorite. Some favorites are Hot Doug’s, Wieners Circle, Superdawg, Franks 'n' Dawgs and Portillo’s Hot Dogs.

Desserts – Try Big Bang Pies, Doughnut Vault (get in the morning for that night), Crumb’s Bake Shop, Magnolia Bakery, Molly’s Cupcakes or Garrett Popcorn.

Sites you must See: Navy Pier – If you see the 15-foot Ferris Wheel, you are in the right place. There’s an IMAX theater, restaurants, summer fireworks, sightweeing cruises and Segway tours for 14+. This area is definitely a top tourist destination.

Millenium Park – Host to Lollapalooza, Taste of Chicago and free ice skating in the winter (just pay for skates). Millennium Park is home to the famous Cloud Gate or "Bean" sculpture, Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Lurie Garden, and the Crown Fountain that spouts water from its digital faces. Seriously, Chicago has some of the most amazing parks in the country.

Skydeck Chicago in the Willis Tower – This is the tallest building in North America! Take a dedicated elevator to the 103rd floor and and if you are brave, step out onto The Ledge, a suspended glass box at Skydeck Chicago which is more than 1,000 feet in the sky. Our tip: purchase the Chicago City Pass which allows you to jump to the front of the line and saves you lots of money on most Chicago Attractions.

Lincoln Park Zoo – we stayed across from the zoo, so walked through it to go places. It’s free, easily accessible, and gorgeous. Our favorite stop was the polar bear, who you can watch swim underwater. Polar bears are surprisingly graceful underwater and it’s almost as much fun to watch the little kids watching the polar bear play underwater basketball ballet as it is to watch the polar bear!

chicago zoo for teens

Shedd Aquarium – In one word, it was "great." You can choose from 3 movies in 4D such as Happy Feet, Dora, or Planet Earth: Antartica and each lasts 12 minutes. There was an aquatics show with dolphins and Beluga Whales and a seal (separately, of course) and the show is free with the Chicago City Pass and lasts ½ hour. When we visited, there was a jellyfish exhibit that was small, but gorgeous.

Field Musuem – We saw a 3D movie about dinosaurs. You'll meet Sue, the largest, most complete, best preserved T. rex ever discovered (and then you can pose for a picture with the skeleton). We loved this movie because we actually felt like we were with Sue carousing with her dinosaur friends. It sounds dull, but it wasn’t. There were mummies, elephants, pterodactyls, lions, and more natural history showing how life on earth evolved.

Tips for getting around: Rent a bike at various places around the city. There is a rental spot near the Aquarium. The cost is $10 for the 1st hour and $5 every 30 minutes thereafter.

Where to Stay: We chose the Hotel Lincoln for it's location and price. The retro vibe at this JUST refurbished hotel will have you craving a malt from your bow-tied bellhop. Your parents will love the prices and you'll love the location 1/2 way in between everywhere. It's within walking distance of most locations you'll want to go in Chicago and we couldn't have been happier with our visit. Definitely ask for the bunk rooms, which are perfect for teens traveling with families and should be ready by the time we print this article!

Chicago Shopping for Teens

Special thanks to Loren of Frockstock and Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau for recommendations for great places for shopping Chicago and eating and hanging out in Chicago!


FASHIONKim & Chloe

After following our New York - Soho shops guide, you'll probably need to refuel in Soho to be ready to venture farther! We have the perfect pit stops for a bite to eat and we recommend a few hidden treasures north of Houston: Street Vendors, Soho The street vendors in Soho are beyond amazing. We've found everything from luxurious leather bags, to sunglasses, hats and jewelry. Bargain for the best deals... and the more you buy, the more the price drops. One of our favorite street vendors is a photographer who is usually on Spring Street near Broadway. She'll take a polaroid and transfer the image on watercolor paper. The results are astounding and worth it! Prices vary, but are usually around $20.

Vanessa Amalia, Union Square Market While in Union Square Market, take a nice, long walk around all the vendors. From the freshest of foods to a world of crafts, there is definitely something for everyone. Although there are plenty of jewelry vendors, Vanessa Amalia's jewelry caught our eye and stood out in a sea of stalls. If you watch The Good Wife, then you've seen the horseshoe necklace Kalinda wears. Vanessa, a vivacious, adorable designer, is behind the creation. We crave all her necklaces and bracelets, but her "Love" one and ice cream cone melt our hearts.

Joe Fresh, 110 Fifth Ave @ 16th (and other locations) There are plenty of stores of all types in the area near Union Square and Joe Fresh. You can find some of the same shops as in Soho, with less crowds, making it easier to walk around. The trade-off? Less street vendors and eye-candy. But we didn't miss a thing when we found Joe Fresh, except high prices. The logo is "Fresh style. Fresh Price." and we found it to be true. We couldn't believe the ranges of styles and the affordable prices. Shop here to stock up on basics from this Canadian company, or snag some trendy items that won't break the bank.


EAT, or just take a sweet break!

Baked by Melissa, 529 Broadway (Spring b/w Broadway & Mercer) Find this hole in the wall and get in line for the city's mouth-poppingly best bite-sized filled and topped cupcakes. We suggest a 6-pack to share with a friend.  Lovin' s'mores, peanut butter and jelly (really!) or Mint Chocolate Chip. Or Tie-Dye. Or Red Velvet....  And, um, yeah, the finger is supposed to be in our photo to show you that you really can eat 3... or more.

Rice to Riches, 37 Spring Street (b/w Mott and Mulberry Street) If cupcakes aren't your thing, then maybe "Rice to Riches" will be. This is rice pudding on steroids with flavors like Chocolate Ship Flirt, Fluent in French Toast, and Secret Life of Pumpkin. And don't forget to add a topping.

Oh, and if you can't make it in person to get Melissa's cupcakes or Rice to Riches, we have great news: they both ship!!

Vive la Crêpe, 51 Spring Street A little bit of street food from Paris in Nolita (North of Little Italy). The price is right plus there are savory crepes and sweet ones. It's the perfect pit stop to refuel your shopping. C'est bon!

Spring Street Natural, 62 Spring Street Stop in for healthy and delicious. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Our favorite place to make sure we eat fresh, healthy food while spending the day in Soho.

Balthazar, 80 Spring Street A French standby that is absolutely delicious. There's usually a line, but you can get bread next door while you wait for exceptional French food in a true Parisian bistro.

Dean & Deluca, 560 Broadway (at Prince St.) The original location. It's expensive, so take your parents. Or stop in for a bite of , well, just about anything. From yogurts, to chocolates, to sushi, to picnic fixings to pastas... it's all here. And there's a small counter where you can sip or snack and watch the passersby.

Must-have Apps:

Sit or squat: When you gotta go, this app tells you where you can. Our single complaint about NYC is the lack of public restrooms, but this app solves the problem by telling you where you can "go". We found clean restrooms in stores that don't mind you asking just to use the restroom. (And it works in all cities, not just NYC!)

Central Park: Not many people can memorize Central Park, or know all the good tips... like what time the concert starts, or where is the zoo. But this app knows all.



FASHIONKim & Chloe

We took the ultimate girls' trip to NYC!  Thanks to Chic Inspiration personal shopping, we discovered some hidden spots in Soho that we are just dying to share with you... along with a few of our longtime personal faves. Need a snack and venturing out? Check out our Soho & Beyond guide! C Wonder, 72 Spring Street (at Crosby) It's a C Wonder-ful life! This new brand is a cross between Kate Spade and Tory Burch at teen-friendly prices. Even if you don't leave with a shopping bag full of goodies, we absolutely guarantee that you will leave with a head full of decorating ideas. Selling everything from custom bicycles to bracelet charms to driving flats. Prepsters unite!

Uniqlo, 546 Broadway A Soho staple with a Japanese aesthetic, we stock up on t-shirts every time we head here. But when a fashion insider shared that the cashmere is a great quality at a great price... we learned that cheap chic is not an oxymoron!

Madewell 1937, 486 Broadway The name says it all, as everything is indeed "made well".  The little hip, teenage sister to J. Crew, the spectacular store houses the latest trends, without being too over-the-top. More hip than flashy, if you will, and definitely one of our first stops.

Brandy Melville USA, 83 Spring Street Step off the sidewalk onto the beach with maxi skirts, tanks, shorts and sweaters for layering. And amazing prices. The best time to stop here is when the Soho streets are crowded and you need to chill with some serious shopping.

Browhaus & Strip: Ministry of Waxing, 56 Spring Street For all of your hair-erasing needs. This is the only U.S. location for Strip... and they have hair removal down to a speedy, sanitary art.

Flying A, 169 Spring Street We would have walked right by this store if it hadn't been for our shopping guru, Sarah Rex of Chic Inspiration. This eclectic shop has vintage and new... and sometimes it's hard to tell which is which. And that's the ultimate compliment since vintage is as in-style as the new.

BigDrop, Intermix and Olive & Bette's Three of our favorite boutiques on Spring Street provide inspiration and eye-candy. Love the stores... but usually can't afford to buy much. Again, Sarah came to the rescue and introduced us to the 70% off rack in the back of Big Drop. ? Score!

Super! Market, 268 Mulberry Street, Nolita A total fashionista find! Inside you'll find a curated boutique market of NYC's contemporary & vintage fashion, design object and jewelry. Our favorite discovery, apart from all the jewelry, was the New York Times favorite milliner, The Tipsy Topper, with her zany, unique custom-made hats. XL or tiny... she's got it (or can make it)!

LF Soho, 149 Spring Street Everything you want under one roof. This is your BFF's bedroom, if your BFF is a fashionista with well-stocked, messy room! Dig deep in the jumbles and piles to find exactly what your crave.

Kate Spade, 454 Broome Street The nicest salespeople in town, plus a playful prep style. Our tops for sweet chic. The store is a color explosion tamed by the amazing displays and the charming style.


Things to do in Nashville... Now

FASHIONKim & Chloe

If you are looking for things to do in Nashville, we've got THE list ... right here. Everyone knows that Nashville is the "Country Music Capital" where country dreams come true. ? Just ask Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Carrie Underwood. ? But brush off that glitter and look behind the rhinestones for some amazing places to shop, eat, and tour. Need to know where to go? We've got the Music City faves and more things to do in Nashville. Just click the name to learn more and get the location. Come back soon y'all, and let us know your favorites in the comments section below!!


The Gulch (12th Street):

Two Old Hippies? - peace, love & rock n' roll concept store- we love this store!

Apricot Lane? - if it's the latest fashion, it's here,

Urban Outfitters - the best tees and gifts anywhere

Green Hills:

Hemline? - spot a star, or just dress like one

The Perfect Pair - perfect, but expensive shoes. Friendly owners. ? Try and catch a sale!

LuluLemon - work it while you work out. ? And their running tights are great leggings!

Anthropologie - two words: love + love

MAC Cosmetics - a staple

Free People - get your hippie on

Nordstroms - everyone is on commission - which means salespeople hover somewhere between attentive and annoying

The Cosmetic Market? - super salespeople who know their cosmetics and are great with suggestions for new products or to help you find what you know you want

Hillsboro Village:

Pangaea? - pillows, sweaters, coats, gifts... you name it. ? Browse while everyone else waits in line for pancakes across the street!

Clothing Xchange? - recycled and vintage clothing

A Thousand Faces - gifts galore

Posh - trendy

UAL (on West End) - sells high end samples and liquidated items. ? And we mean high end (but low prices). ? Hit or miss.


Nash Trash Tour - a don't miss for 13+

Nasvhille Opera, Nashville Symphony and Nashville Ballet? - all amazing and often have teen-friendly events

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens? - great exhibitions and fantastic flowers

Country Music Hall of Fame, Ryman Auditorium and Grand 'Ole Opry? - no country music fan could skip the 3 mothers of country music

Feed the ducks at Centennial Park and visit the full-size replica of Athena in the Parthenon

Frist Center's ArtQuest Gallery - has had everything from printmaking to paper-making. Check their schedule.


The Loveless Cafe? - heart attack shack! ? But we can't get enough biscuits and jam

Pancake Pantry? - be prepared to wait in line, but superb breakfasts and luscious lunches

Provence? - the best bread in town and great salad & sandwiches

Bread & Co.? - create your own version of your favorite salad or sandwich and they'll make it for you. ? Just step up to the counter and circle what you want.

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack? - Fried chicken from hot to hottest

Noshville? - A real New York deli in Nashville. Don't skip the black and white cookie or chicken in a pot. Yum!

Gigi's Cupcakes? - Frosting reigns supreme at this quickly expanding cupcake shoppe.