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Kate Spade Transformer Top

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ray bans You know that feeling when you put on a shirt and it feels like you’ve been turned into one professional awesome person? No? Just me? Well this ladies, is my “transformer” shirt. The shirt that instantly changes me from an annoying teenage girl into a professional goddess. It’s a little weird, I’m the first to admit it, but hey, I’m being honest and that’s what y’all wanna read I think.

Anyway, a few years ago my mom and I walked into Kate Spade store, in New York City I might add, for the first time in my life. When I walked in, I knew that my life was forever changing (this is quite the dramatic post) and I would, from that moment on, be able to call myself an educated fashionista. Kate Spade is the place where educated fashionistas are born.

The store’s ambiance alone was one worth writing home about, but once I started trying clothes on I knew I had to have this pink shirt. It’s cute and professional wrapped up in one big Kate Spade package. After I tried the shirt on, I walked out of the dressing room to show my mom and the ladies working in the store, along with my mom, where “ooing” and “ahhing” about how cute it looks. Their remarks and my inner monologue (ie “dang girl, you look fine in that top” and “I have to have this”) affected me, and my mom knew it. She knew that I most definitely wasn’t leaving the store without the top.

So she made me a deal. Since the top was way out of my price range at the time, she told me that I could wear it if I ever needed to. Well I hadn’t really needed to until now, and she has graciously allowed me to bring the top to NYC this summer to wear for my internship. I can’t wait to rock this effortlessly cute and professional top when I strutting through the streets of NYC.

Beware world, Chloe and her hot pink top are about to take over.kate spade and old navy kate spade shirt kate spade + old navy

shirt: Kate Spade (similar)| pants: Old Navy  | shoes: Old Navy (similar) | purse: Madewell | necklace: similar

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