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A little trick to Make Travel Easier

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I've been traveling a lot lately, and with summer on the horizon, a lot more travel is imminent. I love traveling, but abhor packing. My kids and husband make fun of me because I just panic when I spot a suitcase -- I'm always nervous I'm going to forget the 1 thing I need (probably because I do) which makes them make fun of me even more. I just can't win.

Venus Snap with Embrace

So I try to make packing easy, and a trick I've learned is to keep a toiletry bag packed at all times with necessities. This way I {typically} don't forget anything personal. It's simple trick, but oh so helpful. In my toiletry bag, I have my mini sizes of deodorant, lotion, sewing kit, hairbands, bandaids, shampoo & conditioner and comb. On the morning of the trip, I add the items I use, such as makeup, flat-iron and razor. The problem was that my razor was in my shower, so I was constantly forgetting it. And let's not even discuss disposable razors.

But Venus Snap with Embrace Razor has solved the problem for me so now my "home" razor can stay in the shower and the Venus Snap with Embrace Razor can stay in my toiletry bag, ready to go on a moment's notice! It's also handy for a gym bag, and if I've skipped a spot (which happens much too often) I can add water to the razor and tidy up... and go! Ingenious. Be sure to check out Gillette Venus Razor Finder Quiz, to help women find their Perfect Match.

Venus Snap

But back to packing... when I travel I keep my clothes in one color family: typically black in fall and winter, and black plus some white and tan in spring and summer. To a simple color palette I'll add some colorful scarves and fun accessories. Since black goes everywhere, hides stains and wrinkles, and is easy to dress up (killer heels) or down (flats), it is my go-to travel uniform. I wear my heaviest items, like jeans and boots, pack my lightest, and typically don't travel with checked luggage unless the trip is longer than a 5 days. I've gotten it down to a science.

Then I just need to grab my computer, all those power cords, my phone, iPad and I'm set for travel.

How about you, what are your best travel tips? xo ~kim

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