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Instagram Loves

instagram loves

If I was a social media site I would most definitely be Instagram. It’s seriously my favorite by far (well, y'all probably know pinning on our Pinterest is a close second). I could scroll through my feed for hours, and I always become giddy when I find a picture that’s worthy of double-tapping. I also happen to get a little too excited when I discover a new Instagram feed that’s impeccably curated. Here’s round two (be sure to check out Instagram Loves: round one) of my favorite Instagram accounts as of late….


@coolmarbelous: this feed is perfectly minimalistic. Sometimes plain white backgrounds can be uber boring, but the Cool & Marbelous team makes white look fabulously chic. Go follow them now, you won’t be disappointed!

@sheila_gim: Sheila’s feed is bright, bold, and beautiful with wonderful hints of darkness (i.e., the picture above). If I could step into Sheila’s life for a day, I would be so, so excited. Sheila also works with DesignLoveFest a lot, so there’s a chance you’ve seen her photos floating around the internet.

@ashleux: Ashley’s feed never fails to inspire me to see the beauty in everything. Seriously, she managed to make even the ordinary look extraordinary. If you love when an Instagrammer’s feed meshes together perfectly, then definitely go follow Ashley!

@wideeyedlegless: Madeylnn’s feed is also super gorgeous and minimal. I think it’s so inspiring how she can make something so simple look so beautiful and elegant. If you’re a fan of minimal, then this will be your new favorite feed. Sometimes I wish I could like her pictures more than once ;)

Hope to see you Instagramming! xo ~chloe