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Spring Trends: Emerson Fry

FASHIONKim & Chloe
hemp tee

It's time for spring fever but since another snow is expected, my spring fever is being filled virtually today by browsing on Emerson Fry to experience their most latest collection, which goes on sale today. If the past is any indication, expect sales to be brisk and sell outs to be many as the week progresses. Starting at the ankles (since my feet are ready to pack up snow boots for good!) I'm coveting the tie ankle sandals. They make a statement of the most simple silhouette. Which you know is my kind of shoe: killer shoes, statement shoes, outfit-making shoes… an excuse to buy shoes, yet absolutely wearable.

And what simple, yet drop-dead gorgeous silhouettes that we've come to covet each season from Emerson Fry! Whites, almost blacks and greys, but with textures such as snakeskin that add a substance, depth and versatility to what I call not minimalism, but prefer to call anti-consumerism.

Emerson Fry

Although I don't think most of you enjoyed our exploration into mesh and perforation for spring, I do admire it here. It's presented as a beach coverup and in a very loose knit (above left), which has a more mature vibe, is effortless to wear, and makes me think of the beach even if I'm in the city. Or go for a simple caftan (below), which always works, especially at brunch.

Emerson Fry coverup

What do you think of the latest Emerson Fry collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts! xo ~kim