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Winter made me pick blue

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C. Wonder necklace

I'm not typically someone who picks out an outfit of all dark colors, especially all solids. If you look in my closet, you'll see, stripes, stripes and more stripes. But, this past week was cold. And I was cold. And I was feeling blue. Not blue and white stripes kind of blue, but just blue. So out came this blue top with a scalloped hem, which adds just enough detail to keep it interesting. And wouldn't you know… spring came Saturday… and winter is back this Sunday. Seems like March is going to keep me guessing on a daily basis. Which is much better than knowing that it's cold for days on end. Maybe I'm not so blue after all.

Blue scallop top

C. Wonder necklacescallop detailMark Jacobs watch

shirt / booties (similar) / pants (similar) / watch / necklace (similar)

 Go ahead, make me jealous - is it spring where you are?

xo ~chloe

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