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Louisville's Atlantic No. 5 {Part 1}

FASHIONKim & Chloe

With the freezing temperatures we've endured for months, Chloe and I were on the hunt for an escape from the cold. Truth be told, we're always looking for a new Louisville restaurant and a breakfast / lunch spot that boasts a clean aesthetic in a loft-like space is a must-try for us. Luckily, Atlantic No. 5 didn't disappoint in the vibe or the food. I had joined 2 of my friends for lunch here and was charmed by the down-home allure of the food, from beet salad to grilled cheese and a mediterranean bowl, they were all delicious. The food combined with the airy open feel of the the space results in a combination that leaves me saying Atlantic No. 5 is best described as Brooklyn meets Louisville. My favorite part… and our fabulous photographer Erin's as well, was that it had an atmosphere that begs you to linger and light (oh that light!) that makes you forget how much snow is piled up outdoors. And for all of you who asked about my white button down, here it is... and how I wore it. (Please ignore the hair… I'm going through an absolute crisis but am determined not to pull the usual "grow & cut" routine.)

Atlantic No. 5 Louisville Kentuckypopcosmo.com at Atlantic PacificLouisville Kentucky Atlantic No 5

black and white and red  Ann Taylor top

Banana Republic Button Down

coffee and macaroondrinking coffee

Rivet & Sway glasses

shirt: Banana Republic | bustier: Ann Taylor | pants: J.Crew | shoes: Old Navy | ear cuffs: Catbird | glasses: Rivet & Sway (c/0) | necklace: Christina Jervey | purse: Goyard

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