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Disco Love Sign

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DIY Disco Sequin Love Sign | popcosmo.com

DIY Disco Sequin Love Sign | popcosmo.comWe just can't get enough of love… and since love is all you need (as the song goes) we're going a little crazy with our love signs. Plus, these silver sequins were just calling my name. Since y'all have been trying out the gold love sign, we decided why not give another love sign a try, but give our fingers a rest and make it easier? The result is just as spectacular and totally reminded me of a disco ball (the effect is something you have to see - it's hard to photograph how fun these letters are!), the directions just as simple, and your fingers will be happy that we don't use wood with this sign. Yes, it still takes some time to make, but I just caught up (once again) on tv shows. Win/win for crafting and a Downton Abbey weekend! Supplies:

Love Sign

sequins - choose any color you like sequin pins - I had to return others - these worked the best thimble - used to push the pin into the cardboard. It's easy, but you'll definitely need one! cardboard letters - I used 8" size brush & paint in same color as sequins

DIY Love Sign | Popcosmo.com


1. Paint your letters and let dry. 2. Pin sequins on letters. Space them as close together or as far apart as you would like for the effect you desire. Obviously, the closer together, the longer it will take. Note that the sequins on our L are closer together than the sequins on our E to give you an idea.

That's really it! Like I said, this is a VERY simple project, but a little tedious. To make it easier, I placed my sequins in a cup, my pins and thimble in another cup, and put them both on a tray with my letters to carry from room to room. I finished over the weekend and it was a project I picked up whenever I sat down to watch tv, whether on the couch or in bed. Each letter took about 45 minutes with lots of interruptions. Enjoy, and let us know how it goes!

xo ~kim